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6.1 Useful Little Utilities (10.x)

ASM (Application Switcher Menu) is a small utility that adds a system-wide menu to the right side of the menu bar. This menu lists all of your open applications, so you can easily switch between them - just like in Classic!

ASM 2.1b5

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    Yes. Have a look at monolingual. It has been tested and found to work with Jaguar, Panther, and Tiger.

    Now located here: »monolingual.sourceforge.net/

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FTP Clients

    There are a number of freeware/shareware utilities available for OS X:

    Which one is best? Here are some reference threads to read:
    Best FTP Program
    [X] Good, free ftp program?
    What do you recomend for FTP
    Whats a good FTP program for OSX

    Additionally you can use Terminal (found in /Applications/Utilities/) to do basic command line FTP.
    Type ftp at the prompt to get started.

    After typing ftp, it should look like this:


    Type open 'ftp site' it will connect and prompt for a username, then password. ed.note: If you're not aware of it, the usual username/password for anonymous login is: username=anonymous; password=your email address
    Once you are logged in, the fun begins. Commands are similar to UNIX, type help or here are a few I will share with you.

    ls list files in directory
    cd dir change directory to dir
    pwd tells you your CWD (Current Working Directory)
    get file Downloads file from server
    send file Uploads file to server
    close Terminate your session.

    Some commands can be abbreviated, like you can type 'o' instead of open...
    FTP has a small help system of its own. At the "ftp>" prompt, type "help" or "?" for a list of the commands. If you type "? command_name" it will provide a brief description of the command.

FTP Servers

    You can turn on a basic FTP server in OS X by simply going to the "Sharing" pane in System Preferences. Once it's turned on, users can log in with any valid username/password on your local machine.

    If you need more advanced FTP server features, check out PureFTPd Manager for OS X.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • PureFTPd Manager comes with a flawed version of the Pureftpd, to upgrade that use the MacPorts to install Pureftpd than install the PureFTPd Manager which will use the newer version.

    2012-01-20 22:49:29 (Da Geek Kid See Profile)

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If you get a message that says: "The operation cannot be completed because you do not have sufficient privileges for some of the items" when you try to empty your trash can, try BatChmod. It is a front end for manipulating Nix file and folder privileges in OS X, and it will force empty the trash for you.

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If you do not run your mac 24/7, the odds are the built-in unix system maintenance scripts* will not run. This is a problem if you are running a server, as the files may become huge (up to hundreds of megs). The easy way to solve this problem is to download MacJanitor (link below).


You can also run the scripts from the command line using the command 'sudo periodic daily' then repeat, replacing "daily" with "weekly" then "monthly."

    *here's what the scripts normally do:
    Removes scratch and junk files
    Cleans up NFS turds
    Backs up NetInfo database.
    Removes system messages older than 21 days
    Checks subsystem
    Rotates log files (system.log)
    Cleans web server log files

    Rebuilds locate, whatis databases
    Rotates log files (ftp.log lookupd.log lpr.log mail.log netinfo.log hwmond.log)

    Does login accounting
    Rotates login logs.

    Daily is usually run at 3:15AM, weekly at 4AM on Saturdays, monthly at 5AM on the 1st.

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Tinkertool has an option to make them visible.

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The one basic way to record a stream in OS X is to use a third-party application that will record the audio from the stream.

Here are a few utilities that will allow you to rip the stream:

Using one of those three applications, you should be able to accomplish what you need to do.

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    There are many ways to take a screenshot in Mac OS X. I will start with the built in options:
    By Pressing:
    Command (aka Apple) + Shift + 3 - you can take a picture of everything on your screen.
    Command + Shift + 4 - brings up crosshairs as the mouse pointer. With this you can click and drag over what on the screen you want to take a picture of. Release the mouse button and the picture is taken. For extra fun: Press space bar while you have the crosshairs and you will be able to select windows, icons, desktops, menus, menu bars, docks, etc.

    The Pictures will be sent to your desktop as "Picture 1.pdf", "Picture 2.pdf", etc etc...You can use Preview, Photoshop, Graphic Converter, etc. to convert it to other formats besides PDF (PNG or JPEG are best for uploading to DSLR).

    With recent OSX releases (starting at least with Tiger, I believe), Apple provides an application utility call Grab for taking screen shots (of a selection, a window, a screen or a delayed shot of a screen). The are saved as TIFFs, which can be loaded in the Apple Preveiw App and saved in a variety of other formats. Also Apple's free Quicktime Player can take screen capture videos - they are captured as .mov files, but can be saved to a variety of other formats and screen resolutions.

    There are some other applications such as SnapNDrag, which is freeware, and Snapz Pro, which costs money. They can boast better features like higher quality shots, ability to record movies, change formats the pictures are saved as, and of course add the drop shadow everyone desires automatically ;)

    NOTE: With 10.4 (Tiger) Apple has changed the default format produced by Command-Shift-3/4 from pdf to PNG.

    If you need to capture the screen as a video there are a couple of apps available, the best being Snapz Pro from Ambrosia Software.

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    last modified: 2011-12-14 17:25:44

    Want to disable dashboard and get back much needed memory resources? You can try one of these two ways:

    There is an option in TinkerTool that will disable it. More information and a download for TinkerTool can be found here »www.bresink.de/osx/TinkerTool.ht ··· ool.html

    Another option is to try Dashboard Killer. More can be found out here »www.macupdate.com/info.php/id/19 ··· id/19248

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    Fret not my friend. Follow these simple instructions and that stupid website won't have any idea that you're using Safari.

    1) Quit Safari
    2) Open terminal
    3) Type the following and press enter
    4) Open Safari. You should see a 'Debug' in the top menu. Go to Debug>User Agent>Windows MSIE 6.0

    To turn off debug menu, replace the 1 with 0 in step 3 and follow steps 1 to 3.

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