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0 Official SBC Tech Support in forum

On September 23, 2002, AT&T began providing Official online Tech Support at this site. This involved contacting AT&T Staff on this site via instant messages if they required more help than we could provide in the regional forum. Most times, people posting in our forum actually get faster help, and learn more from their peers.

As of March 22, 2004, the contact method changes somewhat. Instead of using the site's unreliable and unwieldy IM function, Ameritech/AT&T/AT&T Yahoo customers should contact AT&T Online Support team members by posting a message in the AT&T Direct forum. The thread should only be visible by AT&T Online Support team members, and select moderators from DSL Reports. The AT&T-Midwest/Ameritech Funhouse forum is still your first point of contact, however, so make sure you post there before you try to go directly to the techs. You may have a problem that's been seen a hundred times and you'll get much faster resolution.

Remember to not publicly post any of your "private information" anywhere else on this site, but WITHIN the AT&T Direct area, you will need to do so. Please read this before you post in AT&T Direct. Please do not send an IM to a team member unless it is in reponse to an IM to you.

A list of the current Official techs is here.

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This entry is a placeholder in case there are links pointing here. Please see »:/faq/9607 for details.

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•The Official AT&Y tech support representatives in the forum are currently:
David See Profile .

David See Profile is with the ASI division of AT&T, and their responsibilities involve supporting the actual DSL signal itself, such as sync and speed. They are here to support existing customers.

These folks are the only ones here officially as a part of their job. They all happen to be very good at it but are extremely overworked. To contact one of the official AT&T techs, via the AT&TDirect Forum please follow the procedures outlined


Do not attempt to contact them with a problem via IM, as they probably won't see it.

•If you get a private message (IM/PM) or a forum post asking for info from anyone on this list, you can be assured they are legit and can help you. Don't contact them directly unless they contact you, except as noted below.

•We are also blessed with other AT&T (and related) folks who unofficially volunteer their time to help answer questions and solve problems, a few of whom are...

mik0r See Profile has volunteered his EPC expertise to help with ordering questions.

invrtdpilot See Profile and owlhooter See Profile are volunteering their SBCIS Tier-2 expertise to help get things fixed faster.

foofighter See Profile has stepped forward to help with DSL HSI, AT&T Dish, Wireless and Telco service and assist with billing questions. Starting in February '08 he'll be able to assist customers with U-Verse.

And last but not least we have RazznCain See Profile , who is deep within the network monster and can poke and prod to find obscure problems and fix the unfixable. Don't bother him with sync issues or anything which is happening outside the network 'cause he really can't help with those, but if you see something posted by him rest assured that he knows what he is talking about and you should follow the advice given.

There are several other unofficial AT&T techs from telco, ASI and ISP but they are here on their own time and would rather not be mentioned specifically.

In case you're wondering, read our instant message FAQ to learn about sending and receiving IMs. To contact one of the people on this page just click the next to their name.

It wouldn't hurt to read the original announcement first to get a handle on what they can and can't do, too.

If you are a tech and want to be added to this list, send a message to rolande See Profile.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • Seems outdated as far as some of the techs.

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  • I think you need to pull off [user=matthew] he left the company a while ago. [user=mik0r] I know left the company and [user=foofighter] hasn't been on this site in over a year. Can we get these edited?

    2010-03-28 04:43:49 (David See Profile)

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Before contacting support directly, please start a new forum topic in The SBC Midwest/Ameritech Funhouse. There's a wealth of information here at BBR as well as some great trouble-shooters. Many times they will be able to offer advice and fixes before we can get to your issue. Make sure to start your own thread and not "Me Too" in someone else's thread.

Should you need to contact the SBC Online Tech support team by posting in the SBC Direct forum, there, and ONLY there, should you provide your:

1) DSL number - This is the phone number that your DSL is lineshared with.

2) Modem type/model- if it's a 5360 please include the last 3 digits (ie. 5360-002, 5360-023, 5360-123)

3) Description of problem and what steps you've done to solve problem. If you've contacted SBC phone help, but the problem isn't solved, or resolution is refused we need to know that.


1) Please don't send messages asking "Are you here?" or such as YES we are here, probably working on another customer's issues. We receive a lot of IMs and it gets difficult to keep track of one's to work on with "useless" IMs.

2) If you're asking for a line check, that's not a problem, we'll be glad to check and cap/uncap as needed. We'll also check on line speeds to see if you can upgrade to 256k upstream.

Here's the current list of Official techs.

And last but not least, check out Please READ before contacting the support team to help get your problem resolved as quickly as possible.

- SBC Direct Techs

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You close your eyes and click your heels together three times, while repeating AT&T Direct...AT&T Direct...AT&T Direct

Or you could just click the link and avoid the whole yellow brick road thing.

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