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2.2 Efficient 5100 Ethernet modem

SpeedStream 5100b info

This FAQ was written for the 5100b, but this information also applies to the 4100

Web interface, PPPoE, PPPoA, NAPT, telnet, GMT time stamps, connection log, pages of wan and lan info.

Option for changing modem Access code
Option for temporarily allowing remote/wan access to modem.
Option for public or private IP on ethernet port.
Option to adjust lan DHCP lease time.
3 options for wan connection timeout
Page specific help files at the top right of pages
IP address of modem is and cannot be changed
Auto detection of DSL operation mode
Auto detection of VPI/VCI
Adjustable MTU

Once configured and sucessfully online the modem access code controls access for modem configuration changes. Clicking any of the buttons below will get you an access code prompt.

Use of the modem access code will also make a entry in the modem's log:
2004/03/08 00:47:07 GMT E |User |User lanadmin: Logged out after idle time
2004/03/07 23:04:10 GMT E |User |lanadmin: Logged in to YAHOO

All user changeable settings can be cleared with a GUI RESET or the reset button.
A RESET returns configuration settings back to initial factory defaults.

A RESTART allows new saved settings to take effect.
All user changeable settings are retained with GUI RESTART.

Note: The modem's web interface is accessible with a direct connection to a computer no matter what mode the modem is set to. The computer used must be configured with TCP/IP Properties given in the Sharing section below. The modem's lan DHCP server is only active with "PPP is on the modem" mode

Modem Software Updates: 5100b software update information is in this FAQ:
Where can I get the firmware update for the 5100b

Factory Configuration

This configuration is ISP supported
The 5100b provides NO NAT protection when using the DHCP public address or private address.

Factory Configuration is PPP is on the modem and public IP address for computer
The default Lan DHCP lease time is 10 minutes
The modem's DHCP server has only 1 address to issue.
Enter your username and password in the modem.

Sharing the internet connection

This configuration is not ISP supported

For multiple PC's (4 lan devices maybe more) support a ethernet switch or hub is needed along with assigned private IP addresses for the computers or lan devices.
The option of PPP is on the modem must be selected on the modem
The option of No, use private IP address must be selected on the modem
TCP/IP Properties for computers
IP Address: thru
Sub Net Mask:
Default Gateway:
Primary DNS:

Another option to share the Internet connection

Using this method will disable all of the security features of the Cable/DSL router.
When using this method the router will be a multi-port switch with a DHCP server, print server, access point if the router has these features.
The 5100b will provide NAT protection when using user assigned private addresses
Using this method is not ISP supported.

You can also share the internet connection by using a wireless or wired Cable/DSL router by connecting the modem to a router's lan port and disabling the DHCP server on the Cable/dsl router. If the lan address of the Cable/DSL router is it will need to be changed.

Settings for the Cable/DSL router:
IP Address: thru
Subnet Mask:

IF the Cable/DSL router's Subnet Mask can not be changed from
Use the settings below:
IP Address: thru

In simple terms the Subnet Mask controls the IP address octet's/numbers

A Subnet Mask of will only let you change the last octet/number of the IP address 192.168.0.X

A Subnet Mask of will only let you change the last 2 octet's/numbers of the IP address 192.168.X.X

Router Info:

ATT Yahoo HSI uses PPPoE as the link protocol.

The modem's GUI can be accessed from behind a router when set for "PPP is on the modem" mode with a username password entered and saved.
Below are a few ways of using the 5100b with a router or firewall.

Let the modem do the PPP and issue a public/private IP to wan/internet port of router
This setup will allow access to the modem's GUI.
Select the option of PPP is on the modem
Enter and save your username and password in the modem
Either option Yes, use public IP address or No, use private IP address can be used.
Configure the router for DHCP on the wan/internet port.
You can also set the router's wan/internet port to static IP using these TCP/IP Properties IP: subnet mask: gateway: DNS:

Let your router do the PPPoE
Configure the router for PPPoE on the wan/internet port.
All three modem modes can be used when a device other than the modem will initiate the PPPoE session, yes this also applies to "PPP is on the modem" mode with no username password entered.

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How do I setup the 5100b to connect to the internet?
How can I put the 5100b in bridge mode?
What are the lights and what do they mean?
Maxo See Profile is the author of the FAQ's above.
This thread touches on the 5100b

A photo of the 5100b.

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Some examples of the 5100b/4100 GUI pages
Connection Information Page
PPP Location Page
Connection Configuration Page
Modem Log Page
Check Connection Page
Statistics Page

Below are images of the front, bottom and back of the modem and its power supply.
•The part number is 060-E142-A01 with the original Software.
•The CD that is to be used with the 5100b is version 5.00-ACSX and it has a "motive smart" logo.
•SBC also shipped the 5100b modem with the Software installed the model number is 060-E142-A02
•The Software will address issues with RT's, instant messaging(chat), connectivity speeds, and downloading large files.
•The Modem Software Version of the 5100b modem can be found on the Connection Information page and on line 10 of the Technician Readout page.
•As of June 2005 SBC replaced the 5100b with the 4100 modem.
•At the end of 2005 software/firmware version was released.

5100b Front

5100b Bottom

5100b Back

5100b Power Supply

Modem Warranty

ASI's CPE policy
Up to 90 days the following is covered but a Trip charge ($60 truck roll) would apply:
After 90 Days only the modem

SBC/Ameritech issued modems have a one year warranty from the Due Date or the modem's "First Use Date".

A modem swap can be done by SBC tech support if the modem is within it's one year warranty, a credit card may be required to have a replacement modem shipped to you (UPS ARS). When the replacement modem arrives, you have 30 Days to return the defective modem via UPS ARS or you will be charged for the modem so record that tracking number. Any UPS service location or a UPS driver can accept the package.

The modem swap is a free option..

More AT&T warranty info can be found in this FAQ:
AT&T Yahoo HSI Equipment Warranty Info

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There are two Efficient Speedstream 5100a modems issued by SBC/Ameritech.

The original 5100 modem (also known as a 5100a) was issued by SBC/Ameritech from about summer/fall of 2002 until about Jan 2004. SBC/Ameritech no longer ships this modem to new subscribers. The power rating for the 5100a's is 12VDC 700mA early model 5100's shipped with a transformer output of 12VDC 700mA. Later model 5100a's came with a transformer output of 12VDC 800mA. Below are pictures of the 5100a to help identify the modem.

Shipped the
summer of
Part Number:
Hardware Number:

Shipped late fall
of 2003
Part Number:
Hardware Number:

5100a Back

5100a Power Supply

The SBC/Ameritech 5100a modem has customized firmware and can not run a PPPoE session.
Enternet 300 v1.5b PPPoE software was included on a SBC issued CD
Version 3.13-000-ACSX with a "broadjump" logo for the computer.
A Cable/DSL Router that can initiate a PPPoE session could be used instead of PPPoE software on the computer. Some computer's OS have integrated PPPoE software to run.
For a short time there was software by Efficient to convert the modem into a full featured router, but that software was discontinued by Efficient.

Accessing 5100a line statistics

Some line statistics can be viewed from the SBC/Ameritech issued 5100a modem.
Changes have to be made to the TCP/IP properties of the computer to be used, and the 5100a needs a direct connection to the computer to be used to view the info, other options exist but for now use the direct connection.

Computer TCP/IP properties settings:

IP address:
Subnet mask:
Default gateway:

At a command prompt type:
arp -s 00-0b-23-08-d5-3b (MAC address of modem with hyphens)
A label on the bottom of the modem has the MAC address of modem.

5100a modem label example
Windows Command Prompt example

Windows TCP/IP properties example

Macintosh OS X
Macintosh info provided by forum member bigsand See Profile

Computer TCP/IP properties settings are the same.
arp -s 00:0b:23:08:d5:3b (MAC address of modem with colons)
There should be a "sudo" in front of the arp command
If you're logged in as a Administrator or Root the "sudo" is not needed
Using the Root account is not recommended

5100a modem label example
Macintosh OS X Terminal example
Macintosh TCP/IP properties example

The arp -a command in both images shows all entries in the arp table.

Use along with the file names below to view the GUI line statistic pages using a web browser.
The screenshot examples have been modified for presentation.

The page has the sync rates
Download sync rate=ATU-C
Upload sync rate=ATU-R
Downstream Signal to Noise Ratio
Downstream Attenuation
The time stamps shown are elapsed time from modem power up

The page also has the sync rates
A count is kept for sync
This page also shows if your circuit is Fastpath or Interleaved
Operation mode DMT=G.DMT or ANSI=ANSI T1.413
The time stamps on this page has space for month/day/year and hours/minutes/seconds
The hours/minutes/seconds will accumulate until the timer resets or the modem has a loss of power

Option for viewing 5100a line statistics

The use of a switch/hub between the device that will initiate the PPPoE session and the modem, will allow access to the modems GUI line statistic pages from one computer connected to the switch/hub, and a active internet connection on the device that will initiate the PPPoE session that is also connected to the switch/hub.

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The firmware and installation instructions for the 5100b, are no longer available on the Siemens website. Siemens and AT&T both consider the modem an unsupported product.

However, the Wayback Machine DOES have a copy of the information. It may take a while, but you should eventually be able to download the firmware at:

» ···

To see the instructions, click:
» ··· 0b.shtml

This version contains fixes for AOL for Broadband 9.0, DSL power-off enhancements, a fix for restoring the memory in the modem, multiple fixes to the statistics web page, enhancements to DHCP, and a security fix.

Users with should definitely upgrade, those with or should strongly consider it.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • Where is the firmware now?

    2012-01-09 06:57:13

  • link does not work, now i am desperate for the 5100 firmware

    2010-06-24 19:28:48 (dunhill_rd See Profile)

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For those that want a cheap, easy way to share their SBC DSL with multiple computers, the 5100B CAN be used as a simple router. As the screenshot above shows, the modem is listed as a single device router, meaning that it will only allow one connection. This actually only applies to how many WAN IPs it will pass thru.

To get around this limitation, simply hard code the LAN IPs of the different PCs into the same IP range as the modem. 192.168.0.x, subnet mask and the gateway of Assign the DNS entries appropriate for the area you reside.

Now, just put a switch or hub in and woila!, you now have a very simple NAT router, and can share that DSL. Keep in mind, there are zero advanced features, so if you need those, invest in a dedicated DSL router, however this setup should be sufficient for many who just want to share the DSL and don't want to spend a lot of money to do so.

EDIT--This will also help eliminate the annoying connection drops that happens with WinXP SP2!

Originally contributed by kmac1 See Profile at /forum/remark,11542453~mode=flat

Added 12-16-2004: The "visibility" of the LAN-side when using this unit as a simple router was investigated in /forum/remark,12133909~mode=flat :

OK, I tested it and here are my results.

Using the private default IP address of the 5100b doles out via DHCP is totally exposed.Having the 5100b pass the public Internet address results in an identical exposure. Akin to being on a DMZ.

Hardcoding a fixed IP address in the downstream router (or PC) per the "Poor Mans Router 5100b" FAQ (eg. IP=, Mask=, DG=, DNS= is NATed and totally Stealth (per Steve Gibson's Shields Up at

I see no way to (un)stealth it or make it pingable or enable ANY port forwarding when using other than the default private IP address. So it's an ALL or NOTHING scenario. Either totally exposed or totally stealth. Take your pick.

Thanks to JimThePCGuy See Profile for raising the question and doing the heavy lifting.

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On the 5100 Efficient Modem, it means you are based off of a Remote Terminal for your ADSL. If you were fed off the CO it would work, but because of the way things are configured (SBC Telco owns the RTs), end-to-end doesn't through a Remote. Nothing to worry about.

d_l See Profile reports that Speedstream 5100b modems that have been upgraded to firmware, and Speedstream 4100 modems with the same firmware now pass the ATM OAM end to end ping test even if connected to a RT. (12-21-2005)

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The three pages listed below will give you most if not all the info you need.

If you don't have the modem doing the PPPoE session a direct connection to the modem is needed to view the DSL info.

The first page titled "Connection Information"
DSL UP means you have sync DOWN means no sync
Connected at shows the down/up sync rates
Software Version shows the version of the modem's software titled "Statistics"
Line State UP means you have sync DOWN means no sync
Modulation G.dmt or ANSI
Max Allowed Speed (kbps) shows the sync rates
Signal to Noise margin
Line Attenuation
CRC Errors titled "Log"
The modem's log will keep track of when sync is achieved and when a loss of sync has occurred along with PPPoE sessions, DHCP activity and ethernet status.
When the modem is in PPP is on the computer or Bridged mode (PPPoE is not used) time stamps are elapsed time

The default setting for the 4100 modem log is to erase the log entries at every restart.
For the 5100b software version and above the default is the same as the 4100 modem.
With the log being cleared at every restart it may be too short to get any useful info from the log entries.
For troubleshooting a problem you can change a setting on the log page so that the modem only clears the log on factory resets or clearing the log manually.

While using the "Keep Log on Restart" the modem will display a warning that keeping the log on restart is not recommended this warning can be ignored while troubleshooting a problem.The "Clear Log on Restart" button will get rid of the warning.

If you are asked for a copy of the modem log save it as a text file and post the saved text file.

There are some useful bits of info on this page: titled "Technician Readout"

14 Time Since Last Boot**
15 Current Time***
32 Time Since Last Sync**
40 PPP Uptime**
292 PPP Access Concentrator
320 LAN Device Table
** time stamps are elapsed time
***current gmt time

GMT time stamps are shown only when the modem's mode is PPPoE is on the modem with a valid username and password entered and saved, also when in this mode the log will track the PPPoE / PPP session. The log also tracks the activity of the modem's DHCP server. More info on the modem's PPPoE / PPP log entries can be found Here.

This is a log entry for sync down / up:
2005/05/29 16:05:33 GMT E |DSL |Link Down
2005/05/29 16:05:48 GMT E |DSL |Link up 2 US 608 DS 2720 (FAST:ANSI)

This is a short log entry for the PPPoE / PPP session
Only shows if PPP is on the modem mode is being used:
2005/05/29 18:13:36 GMT E |PPPoE |rx PADS id: D3A6
2005/05/29 18:13:37 GMT E |PPP |IPCP up ip:

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