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The westell 6100 provides NAT protection when using the DHCP private address and any other address in its subnet. The westell 6100 subnet is the ip address is

Factory Configuration is PPP is on the modem with private IP address for computer/lan device
The modem has a factory set PPPoE username and password
The default Lan DHCP private ip lease time is 24 hours the optional public ip lease time is 10 minutes
The modem's DHCP server has only 1 address to issue.
The default connection type is connect on demand

Below are a few ways of using the 6100 with a router.

Let the modem do the PPP and issue the public IP to wan/internet port of router
This setup will allow access to the modem's GUI.
On the modems ppp location page select the option of PPP is on the modem
Enter and save your username and password in the modem
On the modems connection configuration page select the option Yes, use public IP address
Also change the connection type to always attempt to connect or smart keep alive
Configure the router for DHCP on the wan/internet port.

Let your router do the PPPoE
On the modems ppp location page select ppp is on the computer, gateway or router
Configure the router for PPPoE on the wan/internet port.

Note: The modem's web server/interface is accessible with a direct connection to a computer when in bridge mode. The modem's lan DHCP server is only active with "PPP is on the modem" mode.
The computer used must be configured with TCP/IP Properties given below.
IP address:
Subnet Mask:

Some examples of the 6100 GUI pages
Connection Information Page =
Connection Configuration Page =
PPP Location Page =
Statistics Page =
Scheduled Update Page =

Below is some info about the westell 6100.
The Westell 6100 modem will check for and install software updates, this can be disabled
The first part number to appear is F90-610025-06 with the original Software.
The F90-610025-06 also has a software version
The current F90-610025-06 software version is
The Westell 6100 modem started appearing in 2009 and it may be used for all 22 att regions
The Modem Software Version of the 6100 modem can be found on the Connection Information page and on line 10 of the Technician Readout page.
The ATT HSI Backup CD that ships with the 6100 modem is version 9.0 and is not needed to setup the dsl.
The cd has software for the 2wire, motorola and speedstream modems

Below are images of the top, bottom and back of the modem and its power supply.

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