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2.4 Efficient 4100 modem

There are no setup differences between the Efficient 4100 and 5100b modem, so »AT&T Midwest/Ameritech FAQ »Funhouse 5100b Setup and Reference Info applies.

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The firmware and installation instructions for the 4100, are no longer available on the Siemens website. Siemens and AT&T both consider the modem an unsupported product.

However, the Wayback Machine DOES have a copy of the information. It may take a while, but you'll eventually be able to download the firmware at:

» ···

To see the instructions, click:
» ··· 00.shtml

This version contains fixes for AOL for Broadband 9.0, DSL power-off enhancements, a fix for restoring the memory in the modem, multiple fixes to the statistics web page, enhancements to DHCP, and a security fix.

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  • God Bless you for having this link. I thought I was dead in the water!!

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  • Oh, there's a prettier version of the archive siemons page on here:

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The lights on the front of the modem will indicate the status of the modem and its connection state.

Note:This information also applies to the 5100b DSL modem. The 5100b and the 4100/4100b modems look different but the operation of all are identical.

Whenever the modem is first turned on it performs a Power On Self Test, 4 of the lights will glow green for about 10 seconds.
    •The Power light will flash red during POST when POST completes successfully the Power light glows steady green.

    •The Ethernet light will glow steady green when the modem detects a successful link to a computer or router ethernet port.

    •The DSL light indicates the status of ADSL sync. When the modem is synchronized with the ADSL line card at the other end of the circuit/loop. The DSL light will be steady green. It may take up to 70 seconds for the modem to synchronize. When the DSL light is flashing red the modem cannot detect a ADSL sync signal, if its flashing green the modem is trying to synchronize.

    •The Internet light will glow steady green when a successful PPPoE session is initiated by the modem. It will flash green while initiating a PPPoE session, flash red on failure. Unlit when modem has given up or isn't configured to initiate the PPPoE session

    •The Activity light glows when the modem is sending and/or receiving data on the lan and wan. It will vary between very slow to fast flashing and steady green to indicate lan/wan traffic.

The table below is a key for the lights on the front panel of the SpeedStream 5100b and 4100 DSL modem after the initial power up.

Modem Light state
Flashing Red
Flashing Green
Steady Green

Power Light

Modem is not getting power

Modem has failed POST

Not Applicable

Power is on


No Ethernet link detected

Not Applicable

Problem with ethernet port or cable

Modem has detected a successful link to a PC or router


Not Applicable

ADSL sync signal is not detected

Modem is trying to synchronize.

Modem has ADSL sync and is ready for PPPoE session traffic


Modem has given up or isn't configured to initiate the PPPoE session

PPPoE initiation has failed or PPPoE has been terminated.

Initiating a PPPoE session to Internet

Modem is ready for Internet traffic


Not Applicable

Not Applicable

Normal DSL traffic flow

Steady traffic flow

The SpeedStream 5100b/4100/4100b modems have integrated PPPoE client software and a corresponding Internet light on the front panel to indicate whether your modem has established a PPPoE connection to AT&T Yahoo HSI, when the modem is configured to initiate the PPPoE session.

Siemens Speedstream 4100/4100b Modem GUI Examples

PPPoE Username Password Page
Connection Information Page
PPP Location Page
Connection Configuration Page
Modem Log Page
Check Connection Page
Statistics Page
Technician Readout Page

Siemens Speedstream 4100/4100b Modem Images

Top of modem

Rear of modem

Bottom of modem

Bottom of 4100b modem

Modem Power Supply

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  • My 4100 sometimes has a _solid_ red power light after power is lost and restored, with no other lights on. If I cycle power again, it comes up normally. Failing power supply?

    2014-01-29 22:48:11 (mcbsys See Profile)

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