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3. Software Issues


by RadioDoc See Profile edited by lev See Profile
last modified: 2003-10-22 00:57:56

If your PC is freezing regularly, and you are on PPPoE using Enternet300 (most Ameritech DSL accounts), your computer may be looking around for a DHCP server that does not exist. Check the following: (windows)

  • Open control panel

  • Open Network

  • Look for the first entry in the scroll box marked TCP/IP, that is associated with a hardware ethernet card (ignore dialup, especially Enternet or NTS and VPN type bindings).

  • (If you have a 4060 USB modem, select "TCP/IP-> Efficient Networks SpeedStream 4060 CIP/1483")

  • Select it and press properties

  • Select IP address from the tab

  • Is Obtain IP address automatically checked? If so, change that to Specify an IP address and enter, and, into IP address and subnet mask fields respectively.

  • Click OK and OK, and the computer will build a driver information database and will require a reboot for the changes to take effect.

If you are using Windows 2000/XP:

control panel /network connections /local area connection /properties /Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) /properties.

Then use the following IP address:
IP address
Subnet mask

This assignment of a harmless local IP address to the TCP/IP settings bound (connected) to your network adaptor, will stop the in-built DHCP services from waking up every 10 minutes to look for a DHCP server so that it can "fill in the blanks".

This should solve the freezing problem.

by RadioDoc See Profile edited by lev See Profile
last modified: 2002-03-18 11:31:07

This is a bug in the tcp/ip programming for Enternet 300 version 1.34-1.41c that occasionally prevents Windows 2000 users from being able to browse. Go to Help-About in the Enternet 300 to find out which version you have. As of this posting Ameritech has Enternet 300 v1.5 for download but not on hardcopy yet. You will usually be better off with RASpppoe or a router with built-in PPPOE software than Enternet .

* If you are using Enternet 300 v1.34, the easiest way to fix this is to change Private API to DHCP in the Connections-Settings-Advanced window in the Enternet 300.

* If you are already using Enternet 300 v1.5, try one of the following:

1) Install Service Pack 2 for Windows 2000, according to Efficient Networks, this fixes some bugs in the networking components for Windows 2000.

2) Right click on the Enternet 300 icon in the systray click on "Advanced", and click on "log". If it keeps saying "IP address is still not programmed" every second, then go to the Enternet.ini file(do a search or find for it by going to Start-Find or Search) and edit the IPProgramWait= to a value higher than 30, you can have a value between 1 to 60 and 30 is the default number of retries. This is the number of times it tries to reprogram the IP address per second.

*If you can browse but have intermittent trouble, then download Enternet 300 v1.5 from theSBC Drivers website with the username: dslsoft and password: driver when you are experiencing one of those times that you can browse.

* If you can't browse at all then connect with the Enternet 300, go to Start-Run, type command, click Ok, type ipconfig /release, right click on the Enterent 300 tray icon, select disconnect, then reconnect with the Enternet 300, open your browser. If you want you can also type ipconfig before releasing the IP, you will see that you have for your ip address, after reconnecting it will still show your IP address as but you can browse. Once you can browse, go to the SBC Drivers website with the username: dslsoft and password: driver to upgrade to Enternet 300 v1.5

If you would like to trouble shoot this more thoroughly you can go to the Enternet FAQ support.efficient.com/KB/NTS/windows.h.. at the Efficient Networks website.

Here is a excerpt from the Enternet 300 v1.5a Release Notes(file is in pdf.format):


Workaround for Microsoft TCP/IP address setting problem with W2K. The workaround fixes a problem occurring with some Windows 2000 systems whose browsers are unable to browse correctly upon connection. Note that thre is also a problem with the Windows 2000 in general which requires service pack 1 for resolution. In all cases, we recommend that you install service pack 1 before installing Enternet 300 v1.5a for Windows.


by Ranma See Profile edited by lev See Profile

Windows XP users who wish to connect using XP's built-in PPPoE client may find this link useful.

by RadioDoc See Profile edited by lev See Profile

You can use the Windows XP internal PPPoE client on Ameritech, instead of Enternet300 or RASPPPoE. Follow the instructions here to set it up.

by RadioDoc See Profile

Yes. Follow the instructions in this forum thread.

by RadioDoc See Profile

The advanced features available in Enternet300 version 1.5 while using an Efficient Networks 526x/5360 modem are described this forum thread. The most important of these is the ability to see the sync rate of your modem.

by RadioDoc See Profile

It is possible to bypass the Enternet300 Setup program's check for a processor "fast enough for broadband" (166 MHz+). See this forum thread for details.

by RadioDoc See Profile

How to setup the WIN XP IIS mail sever to use an Ameritech internal server (such as mailhost.chi.Ameritech.net) for sending mail within Ameritech and go directly to other domains for sending mail outside Ameritech.

1 Enter a smart host and select attempt direct delivery first in delivery advanced.

2 Enter a remote domain of Ameritech.net with forward all mail to smart host.

I used mailhost.chi.Ameritech.net both places for the smart host.

Pictures are in this forum thread.

Also note, the SBC-Yahoo SMTP server name is now smtp-sbc.mail.yahoo.com.

by janderso1 See Profile edited by lev See Profile
last modified: 2003-09-25 17:32:37

    What is RASPPPoE?
    RASPPPoE is a freeware PPP over Ethernet protocol driver (created by Robert Schlabbach) that can be used as a replacement for the Enternet software provided by Ameritech for connectivity to your DSL account.

    Who can use RASPPPoE?
    Any Ameritech user with an external DSL modem and a Network Interface Card (NIC). Internal DSL and USB modems may work with RASPPPoE under certain conditions, please refer to RASPPPoE FAQ#5 for additional information.

    RASPPPoE was written specifically for Windows 2000, then adapted for use with NT4, W95, W98, W98SE and WinME.

    What are the differences between RASPPPoE and Enternet?

      RASPPPoE: written as a Windows protocol, uses no system resources and is 200KB in size.
      Enternet: written as a Windows software application, uses 15-20% of system resources and is ~5 MB in size.

    Ok, I want to try it, where do I start?
    The first step is to retrieve, print and read the installation instructions FROM START TO FINISH! If you follow the steps outlined by the author, then you should not have any problems with the change-over.

    What next?
    Download the protocol and begin the installation process. If you do not have Dialup Networking installed, you should have your Windows installation CD available.

    Need more help?
    DSLR is your answer station. Go to the PPPoE Forum for assistance by other users.

by MSeng See Profile edited by lev See Profile
last modified: 2005-02-10 22:32:23

The Efficient Networks Enternet300 "Official FAQ" and other useful information is here.

by RadioDoc See Profile edited by lev See Profile
last modified: 2002-12-14 22:45:41

Yes, but SBC tech support (Tier 1) will not support it!
(There are too many different "flavors" and set-ups to accurately support! ~Ken)

You'll need a PPPoE client application. Such an application can be found here: »www.roaringpenguin.com/pppoe/ I would recommend you read the adsl How-to on »www.linuxdoc.org for details on how this is done.

NOTE: most newer Linux/Unix based operating systems have been coming with PPPoE software built in and so for those of you with the client already just see the adsl howto! Isnt it nice for Linux to come with so many toys. hehe

Submitted by spawn46375 See Profile


Information about setting up PPPoE under FreeBSD Unix can be found here:


Information about tweaking connections using Linux hosts with modems or Linux routers can be found here:

»lartc.org/howto/lartc.cookbook.u···-tc.html, or more generally here:

Information about tweaking connections using FreeBSD hosts with modems or FreeBSD routers can be found here:

»www.topfx.com/prioritizingackfreebsd.shtml, and here:

Information about tweaking connections using OpenBSD hosts with modems or OpenBSD routers can be found here:


Submitted by trader22 See Profile

by spawn46375 See Profile edited by lev See Profile
last modified: 2004-07-07 13:46:14

This happens when you upgrade to Windows XP from Windows 98 or when certain registry keys get b0rked. Check out this Microsoft Knowledge Base article for more info: Microsoft KB 320558

by AITechSE See Profile edited by lev See Profile
last modified: 2003-01-22 12:33:59

The currently provided version of Enternet300 is available at http://esd.ameritech.net/dsl/enternet300_v15b.exe.

* NOTE * : This is here for historical purposes and the link may go dead, although it's still working as of this review (5/13/2008). If you have a AT&T Yahoo HSI installer CD it has a copy of Efficient EnterNet 300 v1.5b for Windows 9x, Windows Me, Windows NT4 and Windows 2000.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • Enternet 300 can be downloaded at link below. http://dialup.pacbell.net/dsl/downloads/pc-enternet300.exe There are some other useful downloads at the link below. http://dialup.pacbell.net/dsl/downloads

    2013-03-28 19:01:56 (appletreasur See Profile)

  • Can't d/l this file.

    2009-03-18 19:03:57

  • Thanks for this. I really appreciate.

    2008-05-13 15:27:19

by RadioDoc See Profile
last modified: 2008-05-13 15:48:07

Taken from the help.sbcglobal.net page


You will (downloaded it tonight to install on a kid's machine) all the offerings on the disk download-able to your PC. You will also get an install manager (manages installation and un-installation).

by David See Profile edited by Riss_Centaur See Profile
last modified: 2006-05-15 08:32:50

Taken from help.sbcglobal.net


Note: You might have to be signed in to do this one.

by David See Profile edited by Riss_Centaur See Profile
last modified: 2006-05-15 08:33:09