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5.1 Installation problems

If you attempted to install the SBC Yahoo CD, AND IT FAILED, could you all do me a favor.

Please do a search on your computer and look for this file-- report.xml .

If it exists please do this:

1) Copy the file and attach it to an e-mail to bbrsupport@sbcglobal.net

2) In the body of the e-mail please include:

A) Computer specifications detailing:
- Total RAM
- Hard drive size and amount of space available
- CD/DVD/CD-R/CD-RW type and speed

B) Operating system

C) What step the installation failed

D) What steps were taken to get the computer to reboot if needed.

E) Your DSL phone number

F) BBR logon name

SBC is aware of this problem and we are taking steps to correct it. This information would be greatly
appreciated and help us to identify and resolve this issue.

Originally posted by ADSLGuy (Ken).

by RadioDoc See Profile edited by lev See Profile
last modified: 2002-11-22 22:38:42

You can or you can download it yourself:


(Pick "DSL" and select your login domain (@sbcglobal.net, @ameritech.net, etc.) from the dropdown list, and go to the next page to get the software if you get an intermediary page asking these questions.)

A tip of the hat to techjoe See Profile for spotting & helping fix broken links. Thanks!

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