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5. Fuel and alternatives


by David See Profile edited by MrFixitCT See Profile
last modified: 2006-01-16 20:42:41

This is the most recent list from the site. Most manufacturers should be able to tell you if you car qualifies or not. On my 2005 avalance the way the manual specified was if the 8th character was a Z then the vechnicle qualified. Please read your manual first, if the answer is not there contact the dealership or look online.


by David See Profile edited by big greg See Profile
last modified: 2006-01-21 13:07:58

This is one of the most talked about subjects in Automotive. Most everyone agrees that it will not help your fuel economy, in fact in some cases it will worsen it and damage some parts of your fuel system.

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by rjackson See Profile
last modified: 2008-06-03 15:08:16