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5. Photoshop

There sure are!
Adobe.com Photoshop Tutorials
Planet Photoshop
The Design & Publishing Center for Photoshop Tip & Tricks
Hands on Training
Designs by Mark
Text on a Path
Photoshop Workshop
The Photoshop Gurus Handbook
Optic Nurve
About Graphics

by jeffsul See Profile edited by dandelion See Profile
last modified: 2009-09-13 08:02:13

Photoshop is a very comprehensive, industrial strength, professional program. It has a somewhat high learning curve, compared to a program like Paintshop Pro. You do not need much experience to use it, though previous experience in other production applications helps quite a bit. Once you get used to using Photoshop, you will find it very easy, and will have many uses for it. However, be prepared to spend some time with it if you really want to get to know the program.

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You can find some details here, as well as some extra details about doing circles.

by wafen See Profile
last modified: 2005-07-28 21:55:43