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1.1 Getting Started

There are quite a few mods out with the Battlefield engine. Here is a list of the selective few that are the most popular:

Desert Combat: This is the most popular mod currently in the BF community. It centers around a Iraq vs USA theme, and has many people on the development team working for newer maps and vehicles. The current version is Alpha .3n and has roughly 300 servers running. Weapons range from m16's to ak47's. There are 6 classes for each team: Sniper, Assault, Heavy Gunner, Anti Armor, Support and Spec Ops with a variety of vehicles ranging from F-16's to MiG's on the air side to Scud missiles launchers for the Iraqi's to MLRS Mobile rocket trucks on the American side. Their site is www.desertcombat.com

Black Hawk Down: Still does not have any playable demos but is one of the more hyped mods. It's based on the events in Somalia in 1993. It will have a few maps but not as much as DesertCombat since they are limited with the Somalia theme. You will be able to drive humvees and the helicopters Their site is www.bhdmod.com

Forgotten Hope: This mod will be similar to Battlefield 1942 but is based on battles between 1940 thru 1945. There are no current public releases like BHD but work is being done quickly. There the same sides as BF1942: American, British, French, Russian, Italian, Japanese and German. The weapons will be almost the same as well since it takes place in the same time period. Their site is http://forgottenhope.bf1942files.com/main.html

Eve of Destruction: Set in southeast asia where there Cold War was in full swing, this mod tries to bring as much realism and fun to this era. One side is the North Vietnamese army fighting with Russian made weapons and vehicles and on the other are the Americans, with the latest technology in weaponry. Fly jets and various types of helicopters or drive various tanks and modified vehicles that go through the jungle. You can learn more here, www.planetbattlefield.com/eod/

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You need to be in the craft, press "E", and be the driver, press "1". You can open the door before landing by holding the Up-arrow.

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1) Find the players number; you do this by typing "lp" in the console or by looking at the scoreboard (screen with your kills and deaths). The "lp" console command will show the list of players on the server with a number beside there name, and the scoreboard will have that same number on the far right. Once you find the player's name remember the number by their name.

2) In the console again, type either "kick X" or "kt X"(where X is the number). The difference between those commands is that "kick X" will be voted on by everyone on the server while "kt X" will be a vote of the team X is on. The "kt" is a better option since you need less votes and the other team usually doesn't care about your tker problems. This is a mighty tool for kicking out Tkers when no admins are on.

3) Last, tell either the team or the everyone on to type either "kick X" or "kt X" in the console also, that way people will know how to kick out the TKers.

If you do have admin you can go into your console, if remoteconsole is enabled, and simply find out the players number by typing "lp" than following that type "admin.kickplayer X", where X is the number by the players name.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • hello to all when I open the console and I mark kt x console speaks and brand new kick voting ex ...

    2010-09-05 14:05:28

  • what is the console, is it the grave key? ~ in game? where do i type it?

    2007-10-12 04:52:15

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One of the most popular places to get custom maps is www.planetbattlefield.com. Another place to get maps would be www.bf1942files.com

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