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5. Clan information

Yes, join #bbr on gamesurge.net
Or click this link (if you already have IRC installed)
You can find most members on.

by Jaime See Profile
last modified: 2004-02-20 15:17:07

The Battlefield 1942 clan's main goal is to have fun. We are not a serious clan but do require those that want to join to be mature on and off the server. Another requirement is that you must be a member of this site, the more active you are in the public forum the better chance you have in being noticed.

Since BF 1942 is a game with 64 players on the server at peak times and we have multiple servers it's hard to get noticed, we know that. The more you play on the all the servers the better chance of being noticed. So if you would like to show your interest in joining join our IRC chat room at #bbr on gamesnet.net ,you don't know how to get started with IRC, than read Sebastian's tutorial here. We like those who are not shy about talking. Another way is to answer questions in the the Public Clan forum, that will show that you're willing to help out others, a big plus. If you still think you're not being noticed you can always tell an admin that you would like to join, we'll keep that in mind in the future. Last but not least we want good players, you don't have to be extremely good but we'd like to know that you know your way around the game. If you are not accepted the first time, don't be discouraged, it can be that we haven't seen you play often enough and if you keep joining our practices you will be noticed and will have a better chance.

After you read this and believe you are the perfect fit into the clan than knock on the door and ask to be invited in.

by Jaime See Profile
last modified: 2004-01-02 14:46:48

Currently we have 37 members:

Anjorni See Profile
AR See Profile
Axilla See Profile
AzzKicker See Profile
Babbat See Profile
CatSnak See Profile
Occasu See Profile
Chowder4 See Profile
Diamond Dust See Profile
Disco Stu See Profile
DnnsMenace See Profile
DownLow See Profile
Dunke See Profile
evlkenevl See Profile
DoLeMiTe See Profile
gtdawg See Profile
Guff See Profile
GutSling See Profile
HockeyDude See Profile
hudini See Profile
Jacob See Profile
72245156 See Profile
KoshVorlon See Profile
MikeStammer See Profile
Need BB See Profile
nizbit See Profile
oh_climbr See Profile
ProtusMose See Profile
Techie2000 See Profile
Slappy4 See Profile
shinjuru See Profile
Spatch See Profile
Jaime See Profile
Traffic3 See Profile
ePCdoctor See Profile
Roundel See Profile
warlock56 See Profile

by Jaime See Profile
last modified: 2004-06-27 17:52:45