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Reproduction of all or part only with our permission..
This FAQ is edited by: Sebastian See Profile
It was last modified on 2004-06-27 17:52:45

1. General Information

What are the requirements?

Minimum configuration:•Windows XP, Windows Me, Windows 2000, Windows 98, (Windows NT and 95 are not supported)
•500 MHz processor
•128 MB RAM
•4x CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drive
•1.2 GB free hard disk space plus space for saved games
•32 MB Direct 3D and Hardware Transform & Lighting capable video card using the NVIDIA GeForce4, NVIDIA GeForce3, NVIDIA GeForce2, NVIDIA GeForce256, ATI Radeon 8500, ATI Radeon 7500, ATI Radeon, or Matrox Parhelia chipset with DirectX 8.1 compatible driver
•DirectX 8.1 compatible sound card

Recommended configuration:
•800 MHz or faster processor
•256 MB or more RAM
•16x or faster CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drive
•64 MB or greater supported Direct 3D and Hardware Transform & Lighting capable video card

Required for multiplayer games:
(Internet 2-16 players)
•56 Kbps or faster internet connection
•1 disc/player per computer

(Internet 2-64 players)
•Broadband internet connection (DSL, Cable, or faster)
•1 disc/player per computer

(Network 2-64 players)
•TCP/IP compliant network
•1 disc/player per computer

Are there any expansion packs?

Road to Rome: This pack offers 6 new maps, 8 new vehicles along with various new weapons. All this takes place in key Italian and Sicilian campaigns that occurred during WWII. Two new armies are introduced as well: French and Italian.

Secret Weapons: Secret Weapons is centered around weapons that were in the design and testing phase during the later portions of WWII. The game introduces British Commando and German Elite troops. Another new objective based gameplay mode. In this new mode, players will be tasked with a specific objective such as destroying a secret facility in order to win the battle.

What is the current version of BF and it's mods?

This is a list of the current version for BF 1942 and it's most popular mods:

Battlefield 1942: 1.6
Desert Combat: .7
Eve of Destruction: 21%
Galactic Conquest: .1d
Forgotten Hope: .5F

1.1 Getting Started

What are some mods for Battlefield 1942?

There are quite a few mods out with the Battlefield engine. Here is a list of the selective few that are the most popular:

Desert Combat: This is the most popular mod currently in the BF community. It centers around a Iraq vs USA theme, and has many people on the development team working for newer maps and vehicles. The current version is Alpha .3n and has roughly 300 servers running. Weapons range from m16's to ak47's. There are 6 classes for each team: Sniper, Assault, Heavy Gunner, Anti Armor, Support and Spec Ops with a variety of vehicles ranging from F-16's to MiG's on the air side to Scud missiles launchers for the Iraqi's to MLRS Mobile rocket trucks on the American side. Their site is www.desertcombat.com

Black Hawk Down: Still does not have any playable demos but is one of the more hyped mods. It's based on the events in Somalia in 1993. It will have a few maps but not as much as DesertCombat since they are limited with the Somalia theme. You will be able to drive humvees and the helicopters Their site is www.bhdmod.com

Forgotten Hope: This mod will be similar to Battlefield 1942 but is based on battles between 1940 thru 1945. There are no current public releases like BHD but work is being done quickly. There the same sides as BF1942: American, British, French, Russian, Italian, Japanese and German. The weapons will be almost the same as well since it takes place in the same time period. Their site is http://forgottenhope.bf1942files.com/main.html

Eve of Destruction: Set in southeast asia where there Cold War was in full swing, this mod tries to bring as much realism and fun to this era. One side is the North Vietnamese army fighting with Russian made weapons and vehicles and on the other are the Americans, with the latest technology in weaponry. Fly jets and various types of helicopters or drive various tanks and modified vehicles that go through the jungle. You can learn more here, www.planetbattlefield.com/eod/

How do I open the landing craft's door?

You need to be in the craft, press "E", and be the driver, press "1". You can open the door before landing by holding the Up-arrow.

How do I kick a player?

1) Find the players number; you do this by typing "lp" in the console or by looking at the scoreboard (screen with your kills and deaths). The "lp" console command will show the list of players on the server with a number beside there name, and the scoreboard will have that same number on the far right. Once you find the player's name remember the number by their name.

2) In the console again, type either "kick X" or "kt X"(where X is the number). The difference between those commands is that "kick X" will be voted on by everyone on the server while "kt X" will be a vote of the team X is on. The "kt" is a better option since you need less votes and the other team usually doesn't care about your tker problems. This is a mighty tool for kicking out Tkers when no admins are on.

3) Last, tell either the team or the everyone on to type either "kick X" or "kt X" in the console also, that way people will know how to kick out the TKers.

If you do have admin you can go into your console, if remoteconsole is enabled, and simply find out the players number by typing "lp" than following that type "admin.kickplayer X", where X is the number by the players name.

Where can I get custom maps?

One of the most popular places to get custom maps is www.planetbattlefield.com. Another place to get maps would be www.bf1942files.com

2. Server Information

What kind of hardware does the BF server run on?

Case: AIC RMC1Q (Black) 1U Rack Case
Motherboard: Tyan Thunder K7X (S2468GN) 760-MPX DDR
Processor: Dual AMD Athlon MP 2000+ 266FSB
Hard Drive: Western Digital 40 GB 7200
OS: RedHat (Linux)

Case: AIC RMC1Q (Black) 1U Rack Case
Motherboard: Tyan Thunder K7X (S2468GN) 760-MPX DDR
Processor: Dual AMD Athlon MP 2000+ 266FSB
Hard Drive: Western Digital 40 GB 7200
OS: RedHat (Linux)

Case: 2U Rack Case
Motherboard: Tyan Thunder K7X (S2468GN) 760-MPX DDR
Processor: Dual AMD Athlon MP 1500+
Memory: 768MB DDR REG ECC
Hard Drive: 9 GB 15000 RPM SCSI
OS: Windows XP

3. Basic Customizing

How do I check my fps?

Go to the console, by pressing the '~' key, then type "fps 1" (sans quotes)

How do I change my name, while playing?

In the console type:
name "insertNameHere"

Can I skip the movie intoduction?

To access the exe command line:
Right click on desktop BF 1942 shortcut icon>properties>shortcut tab>
The command is placed in the target line.

Just type in +restart 1 at the end of your exe command line

Ex. "C:\Games\BF1942.exe" +restart 1

3.1 Advanced Customizing

Any way to get more fps?

In the console type "renderer.lockfps 300". That'll allow your allowable fps to go up-to 300, instead of 100. You can also put the same command into your ...\BF1942\Mods\bf1942\Settings\VideoDefault file and it will set your fps max automatically.

How do I use the console commands?

To put it simply (and to the best of my understanding) the console is displaying what commands are being executed, deaths and chat. The console also gives you the ability to interact with parts of the game inaccessible through the normal interface and game play. The console cannot be pulled down in the menu screen, you have to be playing to use the console.

The console can be accessed through the tilde button on the upper left hand corner of your keyboard (~ and `). An transparent screen should appear on top of the game screen, and that is your console. To scroll up and down the console use the page up and page down buttons on your keyboard (in case you miss a name or number in a list).

The commands you enter into the console give you a sort of behind the scenes control of the game. I will try to give explanations to the client (the player) side of things.

The alias commands are the shortened version of the commands that the console actually understands and executes; thereby, saving you a little time so you dont get killed while trying to remember and type out a long command line.

I will take you through a quick scenario. I want to see what maps are being run on a particular server. I pull up (or down, however you want to look at it) the console. Next, I type in lm and hit enter. When pulling up the console it will actually put in the tilde into the command line and mess up your command, so you might want to hit backspace if anything is in the line. The actual command that the console executes is game.listmaps. Just hit the tilde button again to exit the console. The aliased commands save you a little time pulling up all the maps that are currently being rotated on the server.

I have copy and pasted a list of the commands and my definitions. (please, feel free to Instant message GutSling or The skrote if there any mistakes or if I have missed something. I know there are other commands that are not listed so contributions are welcomed.

The # symbol that you see occasionally represents a number that you need to put into the command line and the parenthesis are not used in any commands, they are used solely for clarification and emphasis.

Client commands:

lp # - Lists the players and their player numbers. The numbers are used for various commands. These numbers are crucial to a lot of commands, just remember to leave a space between the actual command and the number.
lm - Lists the maps and their numbers that are being played on the current server.

We have all dealt with the !@#$%^ers that sit in the hangar and kill their own people. Or have you been on a server where your spawn time suddenly jumped from 20 second to a minute and half? Well there is a system in the game that can punish or forgive accidental and intentional team killing. The server can have this enabled or disabled, meaning that the server will automatically punish tkers (team killers) if it is enabled, otherwise you have to actively punish with a console command. The punishment is that their spawn time increases one wave for every tk (so if they kill two people and the spawn time is usually twenty secondsthey get to wait 60 seconds). You have to know their player number for this command to work.

ftk - They said sorry and there are no hard feelings. It stops tacking on respawn time. This command works for when the tk punish is on.
ptk - They killed you intentionally, your angry, and you want to strike back by tack on some time onto their spawntime
buddylist - Show all the players that are your buddies (buddylist explained later in the FAQ)
suicide - Suicideinstead of going to spawn point menu
ignorelist - It lists the people that you are currently ignoring. The ignore command is at the bottom of the FAQ sheet.
textinfo - Shows how many lines of text are being used for what purposes, used in conjunction with the text client settings two paragraphs below.

Client 'Toggle' settings:

These settings use 1 for on and 0 for off. ex. fps 1 in the console means the frames per second will be show in the upper left hand corner (fps 0 is off)
hud # - Removes all the heads up displays that appear on your screen.
oldtext # - If you are partial to the older version of text with one single column, this command will revert it. oldtext 1

Client Settings:

textsizes # # # - You can set which and how many lines of text that will be displayed in the upper left of your screen. You must enter three numbers that equal twelve or less. The three numbers are in reference to the text commands below. Ex. textsizes 6 1 6 will set the number lines that will be displayed: the who was killed text will be six lines, the captured flag text will be one line and the chat line will be six lines.

These set the individual text line sizes
killtext #
flagtext #
chattext #
oldtextsize # - This will help you set the number of lines that will be displayed in the oldtext command (not sure of max lines probably 12)

Client Argument commands:

vm # - Allows players to vote on what map the game will switch to after a vote. Ex. Type lm into the console and look at the list of mapsnote the number next to the one you want. Lets say the number is 2 and it is the Wake map, you type in vm 2 to vote for Wake as the next map. I am not sure how many people need to vote (possibly 60 percent like the kick command), and After the poll concludes (about 30 seconds) the map will switch. If you don't want to switch, you do nothing and hope enough people havent (or dont know how) to vote.

Now it is time for some of the necessary tools for getting rid of the ever annoying smacktards, tkers and those people who won't stop turning their babble into distracting text. You have to use the player's number to vote.
The steps you have to take are explained here. The downside of this is that you must get 60% or more of the players votes to kick a player and if they are really stubborn, they can jump right back on.

Tired of asking where your buddies are? Well, look what I found. Maybe others are aware of this one, but I discovered this while actually making this definition sheet. The buddy command is nice because if you have a friend or a few clan members, you can find them instantly on the map. You need to once again us the lp (listplayers) command, note the number next to the name.
ab # - Your buddies arrow is now a nice bright green, this only works if they are on the same team.
rb # - Your buddy is now on his own and his arrow turns back to blue.
ignore # - Blocks all the chat from the selected player.
unignore # - Allows the chat text from a previously ignored player to be seen again.

The plain text version of these aliased commands can be found in your BF1942 folder.

You can also reference the "readme v1.31" in the bf1942 folder for non-aliased commands and explanations that are not listed here. The file can be found in: \BF1942\eReg\readme v1.31.txt

Can I change the texture detail without leaving the game?

Pull down the console and type in "renderer.mipmapbias #". Zero being the most detailed and anything thirteen or greater will be without texture.

What is FRAPS?

Fraps is a video capture and framerate utility

1. Sampling rate Chooses the rate at which the FPS (frames per second) are sampled and displayed.
2. Overlay Style Opaque creates a black square background behind the FPS. Transparent displays only the FPS
3. Overlay Corner Choose which corner of the screen the FPS are displayed.
4. Video Capture Check to enable the user to record in-game video.
5. Key Left Click inside box and choose the key to bind to the preceding function
6. Movie Framerate Select the FPS at which FRAPS will record. **The higher the better the quality, the lower the number the longer the recording time**
7. Screen Capture Check to enable capturing of bitmap screen shots.
8. Manual logging Check to enable a recording of average FPS into a text document.
Ex. 2003-05-11 22:24:32 - BF1942 Frames: 202 - Time: 2453ms - Avg: 82.348 - Min: 75 - Max: 95
9. FPS Recording Check to create a text log of every FPS sample.
Ex. 2003-05-11 22:20:31 - BF1942 159 189 189 196 179
10. Include Framerate Check to show the sampled framerate in screenshots and to show the movie framerate at which the user has previously chosen to record.
11. Fraps Minimized Check to start the program in the background.

The FRAPS FAQ has more information about this program.

**Fraps will not record audio**
**All text documents, recordings and screenshots are saved in C:\Fraps

Can I modify my desktop shortcut?

These couple of command line entries will cut down on the game's startup time.
The BF1942 installation should have created a desktop shortcut that looks like this:

If not, then:
Go to the BF1942 folder: ...\BF1942>right click on BF1942 icon>send to>desktop (create shortcut). Go back to desktop.

To find the target line that the commands will be added to:
Right click on the desktop shortcut>properties>shortcut and then
look at the target line; it should say ...\BF1942\BF1942.exe

Now for the commands:

To skip the intro movie and go straight to the menu use "+restart 1"
Ex. ...\BF1942\BF1942.exe +restart 1

To start a BF1942 modification use "+game 'name'".
Ex. ...\BF1942\BF1942.exe +restart 1 +game desertcombat.
The mod name can be found in the first line of the game's "ini.con" file (game.setCustomGameName DesertCombat).
The path for DC would be...\BF1942\Mods\DesertCombat\ini.con

To automatically join a server just use " +joinServer x.x.x.x:port"

(case sensitive)

Ex...\BF1942.exe +restart 1 +game desertcombat +joinServer x.x.x.x:14567
Don't worry about putting in the +game cmd when joining
a desert combat server, the game automatically detects the mod.

For those of you who like the DSLX server this FAQ includes a simple little BBr icon and necessary information to connect to the server.

Download this icon.

Right Click (on the shortcut you want to modify)>shortcut>change icon.
Browse for the folder that you unzipped the icon into, select>open>ok.
Now, add this to your target line:
+restart 1 +joinServer
(just cut and paste). Click and go, no more maneuvering through menus.

How do I change CD keys?

Visit this site, »www.majorgeeks.com/download.php?det=2680 , download the program and run it. Follow the instructions in the file and you have a new CD key.

Thanks to SVTRanger See Profile for directing me to this.

4. Problems

What do I do when I get an Invalid CD Key message?

There are three things you can do:

  • First, try the clearing your Internet Temp Files and History:
    1) Click on Tools in on you internet explorer
    2) Click on internet options
    3) Click on the 'delete files' under Temporary internet files.

    Also clear your internet history

    1) Click on Tools in internet explorer
    2) Click on internet options
    3) Click on 'clear history' under History

    **You may have to restart your computer for the changes to take effect**

    If the trouble still exists, this indicates an error in the Windows registry due to a bad or corrupted install.

  • Only if you are comfortable with the altering registry, you can reenter the CD Key. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Electronic Arts\EA Games\Battlefield 1942\ergc and re-enter the key.

  • Try uninstalling the game completely, then before reinstalling delete the original game directory. Run Defrag and Scandisk. After the previous steps, reinstall the game and immediately patch it.
  • What should I do when I get a CD Key in use message?

    Make sure that you never give anyone your CD key. If you gave your key to another person and they log in, you will not be able to play on the Internet.

    If you have never given your CD key to anyone and only have one system connected to the internet and are receive the CD key in use message.
    Try the following:

    1) Click on Tools in on you internet explorer
    2) Click on internet options
    3) Click on the delete files under Temporary internet files.

    Also clear your internet history

    1) Click on Tools in your internet explorer
    2) Click on internet options
    3) Click on clear history under History

    **You may need to restart your computer for the changes to take effect**

    Also try uninstalling and reinstalling the game.

    If the CD Key for Battlefield 1942 will no longer work when connecting you will need to send the following information to the appropriate support department:

    1) Name
    2) Phone number
    3) Address
    4) Email address
    5) Serial Number (CD Key that is not working)
    6) Attach a photo of the back of the CD-ROM jewel case showing a legible copy of the CD Key

    If in the United States or Canada email support20@ea.com or FAX 650-628-5900. !! This is for U.S and Canadian customers only. If outside of North America please refer to the games documentation for the correct contact information.

    Why does it kick me to the destkop when I start BF?

    It is mostly caused by your refresh rate not being set correctly. Find the file called "VideoDefault.con" in this directory \Battlefield 1942\Mods\bf1942\Settings. Open it then find the line that has "renderer.allowAllRefreshRates", if it has a '0' be sure to change it to '1'.

    5. Clan information

    Do you have an IRC channel just for BF1942?

    Yes, join #bbr on gamesurge.net
    Or click this link (if you already have IRC installed)
    You can find most members on.

    How do I join?

    The Battlefield 1942 clan's main goal is to have fun. We are not a serious clan but do require those that want to join to be mature on and off the server. Another requirement is that you must be a member of this site, the more active you are in the public forum the better chance you have in being noticed.

    Since BF 1942 is a game with 64 players on the server at peak times and we have multiple servers it's hard to get noticed, we know that. The more you play on the all the servers the better chance of being noticed. So if you would like to show your interest in joining join our IRC chat room at #bbr on gamesnet.net ,you don't know how to get started with IRC, than read Sebastian's tutorial here. We like those who are not shy about talking. Another way is to answer questions in the the Public Clan forum, that will show that you're willing to help out others, a big plus. If you still think you're not being noticed you can always tell an admin that you would like to join, we'll keep that in mind in the future. Last but not least we want good players, you don't have to be extremely good but we'd like to know that you know your way around the game. If you are not accepted the first time, don't be discouraged, it can be that we haven't seen you play often enough and if you keep joining our practices you will be noticed and will have a better chance.

    After you read this and believe you are the perfect fit into the clan than knock on the door and ask to be invited in.

    Who are the clan members?

    Currently we have 37 members:

    Anjorni See Profile
    AR See Profile
    Axilla See Profile
    AzzKicker See Profile
    Babbat See Profile
    CatSnak See Profile
    Occasu See Profile
    Chowder4 See Profile
    Diamond Dust See Profile
    Disco Stu See Profile
    DnnsMenace See Profile
    DownLow See Profile
    Dunke See Profile
    evlkenevl See Profile
    DoLeMiTe See Profile
    gtdawg See Profile
    Guff See Profile
    GutSling See Profile
    HockeyDude See Profile
    hudini See Profile
    Jacob See Profile
    72245156 See Profile
    KoshVorlon See Profile
    MikeStammer See Profile
    Need BB See Profile
    nizbit See Profile
    oh_climbr See Profile
    ProtusMose See Profile
    Techie2000 See Profile
    Slappy4 See Profile
    shinjuru See Profile
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