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2 What is it?

Here are a few pictures of nodes... they are used on a HFC (hybrid fiber-coax) system and convert Fiber Optic (light) Signals to Coax (RF) Signals

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Here are some pictures of Charter CATV fiber equipment and management

1550nm 17dbm xmitter feeding one of our systems 35 miles away (left
top) and a 1550nm video receiver for a tv channel coming back (top right).
data receivers from the other system at the bottom:

1310nm 12dbm transmitters (top) feeding our nodes and data receiver
from our nodes:

Transceiver, Switch and CMTS:

Optical Splitters:

Fiber Optic Patch Panel:

Fiber Splice Tray:

Back of Rack #1:

Back of rack #2:


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Hi-Res pics here: http://frank.gwc.org.uk/~ali/cabpics/

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A lot of people cant get DSL because of a load coil on their line...well here is your trouble:

(taken from here)

Thanks to the members of the Broadband photo forum for these images

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A NID also known as a Network interface device or the demarc point between the telephone company and your home (inside wiring) is this:

Image credit to Bobcat

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Taken from here

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BellSouth NOC Virtual Tour
(Requires Flash and Quicktime)

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