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1.1 Server Information

[BBR]Clanspace #05 - (CS/UT2k/TFC?)
Case: AIC RMC1Q (Black) 1U Rack Case
Motherboard: Tyan Thunder K7X (S2468GN) 760-MPX DDR
Processor: Dual AMD Athlon MP 2000+ 266FSB
Hard Drive: Western Digital 40 GB 7200
OS: Linux

by Descent See Profile

Server #05 - (TFC)
[BBR]Clanspace.com #05
Location: USA - East Coast, NY
Backbone: Net Access Corporation

by Descent See Profile
last modified: 2003-03-12 22:42:12

Admin mod is a tool for server that makes being an admin must more easy.

* Adminmod has the ablity to let clients vote for stuff like maps or kicking players out, putting players in prison, making them a llama, voting for gravity, Matrix jumping, anything that changes the server cvars really.

*basic commands for clients are these you can either do 1 or 2 things, sometimes servers setup key words like when you say gravity a message will pop up saying the status of the current gravity and to change it say vote_gravity.
Or just bring down the console and use any of these commands

admin_status (shows your admin access level)
admin_vote_map mapname ( votes for a map)
admin_vote_kick player (votes a kick of a player)
admin_vote gravity 200 (votes for gravity change of 200)
and so on
if an admin give you more access rights you can do commands like

admin_kick player (kicks a player without votes)
admin_ban player (bans player)
admin_stack (fun stack command but dont use it too often people get mad)
admin_slowhack (i script that i love for NOOBS and LLAMAS last resort for those bums)
and so on there is a complete list at www.adminmod.org

Messege me for any futher infomation about adminmod i have most of the answers.

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last modified: 2003-12-22 11:25:39