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1. General Information

Who are we?

We are the Broad Band Reports Team Fortress Classic Gaming group. You can read the original start thread here We are here because of the strong demand for a TFC group here at the BBr community.

What is this STEAM i have been hearing about?

Well if you did not know already Steam is taking over what WON used to do.
With changing in powers Steam will require you to download a new client and have it running while connecting to games.
WON Servers as of 12/15 are still running but not for much longer everyone will have to convert to STEAM to play TFC. And obtain a STEAM_:0:1:XXXXXX ID instead of your LOW won ID's won ID 1289 :-)

1.1 Server Information

Server Specifications

[BBR]Clanspace #05 - (CS/UT2k/TFC?)
Case: AIC RMC1Q (Black) 1U Rack Case
Motherboard: Tyan Thunder K7X (S2468GN) 760-MPX DDR
Processor: Dual AMD Athlon MP 2000+ 266FSB
Hard Drive: Western Digital 40 GB 7200
OS: Linux

Server IP and Location

Server #05 - (TFC)
[BBR]Clanspace.com #05
Location: USA - East Coast, NY
Backbone: Net Access Corporation

adminmod what is it?

Admin mod is a tool for server that makes being an admin must more easy.

* Adminmod has the ablity to let clients vote for stuff like maps or kicking players out, putting players in prison, making them a llama, voting for gravity, Matrix jumping, anything that changes the server cvars really.

*basic commands for clients are these you can either do 1 or 2 things, sometimes servers setup key words like when you say gravity a message will pop up saying the status of the current gravity and to change it say vote_gravity.
Or just bring down the console and use any of these commands

admin_status (shows your admin access level)
admin_vote_map mapname ( votes for a map)
admin_vote_kick player (votes a kick of a player)
admin_vote gravity 200 (votes for gravity change of 200)
and so on
if an admin give you more access rights you can do commands like

admin_kick player (kicks a player without votes)
admin_ban player (bans player)
admin_stack (fun stack command but dont use it too often people get mad)
admin_slowhack (i script that i love for NOOBS and LLAMAS last resort for those bums)
and so on there is a complete list at www.adminmod.org

Messege me for any futher infomation about adminmod i have most of the answers.

2. Game Specific

2.1 Game Help

Increase FPS

See here to fix the refresh rate bug for Half-Life on Windows2000/XP

How do I say my health and armor with the touch of a key?

Have you ever saw someone announce how much health and armour they have? In order to do that you will need to BIND a key. Binding a key means assigning a key to execute a perticular function. In this example we will assign F4 to execute the SAY command. Here is what you need to type into the console:

bind "f4" "say I have %h Health and %a Armor"

%h - This is the health variable and whenever called upon it will display your current health.
%a - This is the armour variable and whenever called upon it will display your current armour.

In order for it to display your health and armour the %h and %a must be in your bind and in the correct place where you want the number to show up. So lets say you had 65 health and 143 armour and you pressed F4 it would say:

I have 65 Health and 143 Armour


What is SS or Speed Sniping?

Speed sniping is when you dont charge your rifle.
You use your SPEED to SNIPE, hence speed sniping.
The Best snipers use this ability and talent to win countless matches
The Best things about speed sniping to take into consideration are
1) a headshot is a headshot no matter of the power of your rifle.
2) your running across the map and only shooting for like a fraction of a second to take a shot so your harder to hit for everyone else.
The drawbacks are that if you dont land a headshot, you might have to hit the player 3-5 times before he goes down. And that is if he does not go back for health. that means he might have a few good shots at you FULL POWER one hit and your dead, but when they are charged they move slow so they should be easy to hit

I want to join sniper servers what maps should I have?

There are various maps that you should obtain, but the main ones are

* Sniperwar
* 2fortsniper
* sniperwell_MK
* sniperpit_fg
* mayasniper
* 119snip
* tourney (used for sniper tournements AA made this one and hosed the 2001 world sniper tournment

2.2 Game Tips/Strats

What is Grenade Priming?

Grenade priming is very useful in several ways. It makes the enemy least expect it when a grenade will be thrown. A grenade beeps for a total of three beeps. You can hold it down for the first 3 beeps varying on your distance from the enemy you may want to hold it down for the first 2 beeps. Right when you hear the third beep you must throw the grenade or else it will blow up in your hand. By doing this the grenade should explode when it reaches the enemy giving them little or no time to run away from it.

Tips for class spy.

When you are using Spy in TFC, make sure you disguise as an enemy was the same speed as a spy ie demo man or engineer. This will lower the chance of an emeny removing your disguise. As well, stay away from Scouts, they can also remove your disguise!

Knife enemy behind the back, usually 1 hit kill and take advantage of feigning.

Thats all!

Rocket Launcher Tips!

The rocket launcher is the soldiers primary and most effective weapon. When you are using a rocket launcher you cannot just aim directly at the enemy because of the low speed of the rocket. For example if you see an enemy far away and he is traveling to the right, you must aim your rocket to the right of them. Likewise if they are moving to the left, you would aim to the left of the enemy. In short words you need to VISUALIZE where the enemy is going to be by the time the rocket gets there! Varying on the distance the enemy is away from you, you will have different estimates on where to aim the rocket. Make sure they are not too too far away or they could just dodge your rockets. Remember this takes good practice! Another tip, try to aim at the enemy's feet and not the head or chest. By doing this you will be guarunteed to inflict damage on them if the rocket lands close enough to them. If you hit them on their feet the enemy will fly up high into the air and damage will be inflicted from the fall. A good trick to do is prime a grenade and release a rocket and grenade timed perfectly so the grenade explodes right when the rocket hits them. This will inflict a large amount of damage to them and if you did it right they will be blasted high into the air. One the enemy lands all you need are a couple of shotgun shots. To do all this correctly it takes a good amount of practice. Good Luck!

How to take down a senetry gun.

As you all may know there are 3 levels of senetry guns. The higher level senetry guns have more fire power and armour. Here are a few stragedies on destroying enemy senetry guns:

Level 1: These are fairly easy to take down. All thats needed is a grenade or 2 and a few shotgun shots. If you are soldier just fire 2 or 3 rockets at it and its destroyed. For demoman just keep launching pipes at it.

Level 2: Make sure you know the location of the gun. Hide behind a wall and keep popping out every second or 2 and throw grenades at it. If you are a lighter class you will need 2 grenades at least. For soldier you can throw a nail grenade at it. For demoman you can use secondary grenade and pipe bombs.

Level 3: The soldier is the best class for taking down one of these. All you need to do is hide behind a wall and prime a nail grenade. Pop out in front of it for a split second so you can get the grenade in front of it. Go back behind wall. Wait for grenade to explode. Nail grenades are the most effective in taking down an SG and all you should need is one. If you are of a lighter class it is very diffucult taking down a level 3 SG. If you are demoman you can throw 2 secondary grenades at it and some pipe bombs which should destroy it.

How do I play a Heavy Weapon class?

There are two ways to best play a Heavy Weapon character - Defense and Offense.

Defense: Place yourself in the most heavily attacked areas, usually with a medic for backup. You will become a human "blockade," in essence. Keep up the fire, only stopping to get health/armor/ammo.

Offense: Use yourself as a human shield for scouts and soldiers. Let them stay behind you as you pound fire into any opponent you see. Once inside the opponent's base, park yourself outside of the opponent's spawn room(if you're cheap), or remain in the flag room to keep the flag accessible for teammates once they capture.

General Tips: You move slow, EXTREMELY slow, when firing. Make sure you have your back covered when firing, lest a lucky shot kill you from behind.

Grenades are your friend. Prime and throw while firing in heavy combat. If the machine gun doesn't tear them apart, your grenades will.

Support Sentry Guns. If you put just as much fire on attackers as they do, the guns will stay intact longer, and give your Engineers time to repair them.

I hope this helps you out! :)

How do i bind my ZOOM!! better for sniper class

This is what I do and it give me a slight advantage over the rest.

1.) enter commands in your console "alias w fov 5"
2.) "alias q fov 90"
3.) "bind q"
4.) "bind w"
thats it your set with max zoom

3. BBr TFC Clan Info (retired)

3. BBr TFC Clan Info


Currently we are accepting anyone who wants to be in the BBR TFC Clan. Please read this post and reply with your gaming Alias, WONID and a forum of contact, other than IM's on this site. In the future, we might become an invite only clan. However, that has not been discussed yet.

General rules of conduct

1. The first rule of thumb is treat your fellow warriors with the same type of respect you would want to see for yourself. Hence why name calling is a big no no. You may be had or owned by someone it does not give you any right to attack them verbally whether they see it (while you are dead and they are alive or vice versa) or not. Respect other people is a valuable point for our members, please respect others.

2. Although the game can be emotional, and there are egos involved the cursing should be kept at a minimum. We have members who are young (although more mature than some 30 something bozos we get on the server) and we would rather express our emotions more tastefully. That does not mean that you will be banned forever for an outburst after an intense round. It means PLEASE try to control your language.