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You can use a surge protector or UPS. I prefer using a uninteruptable power supply for my router.

The surge protector will protect against power surges only. A UPS will not only protect against power surges but will provide power to the router even during a power outage.

If you also connect your modem into the UPS & use notebook computers a UPS will protect you 3 ways.

1. You can download any size file without worry of being interrupted.

2. A power outage during a firmware upgrade will not result in a bricked router.

3. Protects against power surges while filtering & conditioning line voltage.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • Also #1 Change the default password of the router. #2 If you are using wireless, use wireless encryption. For example WEP / WPA. #3 If remote control of the router is turned on and if you do not need that feature, turn that feature off. #4 I would recommending turning off UPnP in the router too, that is unless you need it (such as only one public IP and you have at least two computers that support UPnP that do not allow you change the port that they use).

    2012-11-23 18:29:04 (aefstoggaflm See Profile)

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