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I have been using the Belkin 54g Wireless Router - F5D7230-4, v1112, for about 18 months now. When I set it up I also subscribed to Parental Control. Setup was easy (used with Motorola SB5100, Comcast HSI). Overall the performance of the router has been very good. The wireless signal is stronger then other routers I have seen. Administration interface is good. Only drawback in its basic functions seemed to be that it would not resync with the modem if the modem went offline ( happened during ranging time outs with Comcast) and required hard reboot to get all synced again. Sometimes the router would recover connectivity - but more often not.

The biggest problem was the Parental Control 'feature'. It does block sites, sometimes legitimate ones, but basically it worked - BUT - If your kid is any kind of computer geek, don't bother - just to easy to get around. ALSO BEWARE, if you let the subscription expire and the reporting is still enabled it can be a real pain. Porn sites won't be blocked, but, sites will be blocked if there is any delay or timing problems related to speed issues - something to do with verifying the site - not quite sure why...

The site will be blocked and even though you put in the password, to let the site through anyway, an error is generated saying that it can't get to the filter server/host. You'll lose that site and have to start over again. Very frustrating if you are trying to do work with your bank, or just get any work done at all.

If you want to try the Parental Control free trail period - MAKE SURE YOU DISABLE IT BEFORE IT EXPIRES! IF YOU WANT TO KEEP USING IT - MAKE SURE YOU RENEW BEFORE IT EXPIRES! You will save yourself a lot of grief and frustration... I know...

Upgrading the firmware versions when configured as a router seems to work well, no configuration setting were lost. If you have enabled the Wireless Bridge option, make sure to backup the .conf file... you'll need it. Password is not restored, Wireless Security becomes disabled, channel defaults back to 11 ( so if you changed it to 6, which does work better ) you'll lose that...
the IP address defaults back to .1, there are probably other things lost but I didn't bother tracking them all down - I just restored my .conf.. BUT the password, IP, and enabling Security still had to be redone before it was usable as a bridge again with the router. A little time intensive and confusing because the only way back in is to disable your wireless on the PC and connect with RJ45, and of course you have to set you PC's IP address to .2. Confusing, but once done, seems to work fine. I'll have to do some test to see what kind of range I can get now, take out the range finder see how big of an area I can cover now. If this works it could be a farmers "poor man's wireless network" around the different out buildings, or out in the field if there are solar or other ways of powering the bridges. Of course urban uses are endless, especially if the neighbors get along...

Don't expect to much help from Tech Support, just the basics, hold times are long, and if you ever have to have a ticket escalated -- I spent 3 hours on hold trying to get the Parental Control issue straighten out -- never was -- see my post »Parental Control
They have finally agreed to send me a new router... I guess that's good.

I'll rate the router as an 80 - except the Parental Control fails miserably...

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