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4. Video/Cable TV Related

Movies On Demand lets you get movies at home whenever you want them. You choose what you want to watch from a collection of blockbuster movies It's easy. Just use your remote control to choose the movie you want from a wide range of categories listed on easy-to-use on-screen menus and, with a push of a button, begin watching.

And with Bright House's digital remote control you can pause, fast-forward, and rewind your movie so you'll never miss a minute of the action because of life's interruptions. You pay only for the movies you order and those charges automatically appear on your next bill.

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You have may have noticed that the front of the Cisco Tuning Adapter has two LED indicators. One indicates power and the other LED that may be blink from time to time indicates the status of the Tuning Adapter. Knowing what these "blink codes" mean will help you during the installation or troubleshooting process. The attached document details each of the possible codes you may encounter.

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