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10. Tables/References

There is a complete list of CATV and Air channel frequencies at:

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  • Actually, the most thorough list of channels is on Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/North_American_cable_television_frequencies

    2009-12-09 22:48:21 (ericn32 See Profile)

  • US and C A N A D A !!!!!! by the way.. quickie for the expert. I have a HDTV with Cable-tv. I see a -12 dbmv for QAM and -8.5 for normal. Are these values good or bad. The minus 12 is hilighted as RED. quick config.. 1 line in house (rg6) long(100 feet) to a splitter(in basement). from there to HDTV set using a small 1 foot lead upstairs and another from outlet (1 foot), and then from there another splitter to a SETTOP box(1 foot) and then HDMI to TV, other line (5 feet) to a VCR. previous splitter.. runs about 40 feet to 2nd floor where a TV (old style(last century)) is located(and from outlet to TV(5-10 feet).I think most is cheap RG6. Spliters and cable came from friendly CABLE-MAN, when he rewired the outside line from street to house underground feed. picture is ok.. I use phone company for ADSL2 (10 meg they say) service. p.s. I do have a 20-30 foot of cable in excess in a spool in basement. Should I cut it out and put a "connector" in its place? (this long wire was used as a temp till they did the underground work.. winter is bad time for digging. the wire ran from their BOX up a tree to house, and then into a cable-box and then into the house. SO I had extra length. was it wrong to use it(THE EXTRA LENGTH!)?

    2009-08-27 17:42:37

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Min Video level 0.0
Max Video Level 15.0
Min Delta V/A (dB) 10.0
Max Delta V/A (db) 17.0
Min Digital Level -10.0
Max Digital Level 10.0
Signal Quality 64 QAM 28.0
Signal Quality 256 QAM 32.0
Max Pre BER 1.0E-7
Max Post BER 1.0E-9
Min CM Headroom (dB) 5.0
Max Ingress -30.0

*These are suggested levels for the downstream plan for a cable modem.

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