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DC Taps are a special type of splitter that lose a ton of signal on one leg, but very little on another. The model number of the model generally determine how much the bigger number is. For example:

DC-4 Tap: Loses 4db on one leg, around 1db on the other.
DC-6 Tap: Loses 6db on one leg, around 1db on the other.
DC-9 Tap: Loses 9db on one leg, around 1db on the other.
and so on...

These splitters have one leg labeled "tap", and the other "out". The "tap" leg is the one with a large amount of loss.

These are usually used in hotels that are wired in a loop system, to save a few hundred dollars in cable and labor costs. There will be one wire running from the central location, to the first room, which then "out"s to the 2nd room, which then "out"s to the 3rd room, and so on. Each room "tap"s into the line. Make sense??

You can get these from different stores online. Here are a couple:
(Note: I am not endorsing these stores. These are suggestions from site members and I cannot guarantee the customer service provided.)

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(Note: I think we have enough suppliers here, and thanks to those who have sent me other stores!)

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • It depends on the signal up stream down stream and SNR rg-59 wiill work

    2012-12-14 21:33:16

  • DC-4 loses 4 db on tap leg and 3 db on through leg DC-6 loses 6 db on tap leg and 2 db on through leg DC-9 loses 9 db on tap leg and 1 db on through leg

    2011-07-26 22:37:27

  • Is it necessary or how beneficial is it to use a DC Tap for cable modem? e.g. I have to use cable modem in a room that the old RG59 wire is about 30-40 long (I guess) inside the house after a 4 way splitter. If use a DC Tap, which one should be selected? e.g. DC-6 Tap, DC-9 Tap, DC-12 Tap, DC-16 Tap or DC-24 Tap?

    2008-06-27 16:00:09

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