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7. Off Topic

If your computer is locking up or rebooting (restarting) when you try to load a game, it is probably due to the networking card in your computer. Linksys, NetGear and some SMC brand Networking cards have compatibility issues with many of pogo's games.

All three brands are very common, and frequently are distributed by many Broadband Internet providers when you sign up for DSL or Cable Modem Internet Access. If you're connected to the Internet via DSL, Cable Modem, or through a private home network, chances are good that one of these cards is installed in your computer.

Our suggestion is to try downloading and installing the Java Virtual Machine from Sun Microsystems (this is different from the one from Microsoft). This has fixed the problem for many of our users who had this problem, and it may work for you. Here's how to get Sun's Java VM:

- Go to »java.sun.com/getjava/download.ht ··· oad.html
- Follow the directions listed on that page for installation
- Restart your computer before trying to play again

Unfortunately, if this doesn't work for you, the only resolution we have left to offer is to replace the Linksys or NetGear Networking card with one from another brand like 3Com or D-Link.

Thanks to Service Tech for this submission.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • I can't find my membership, it ran out and I want to renew it again. I've been ttrying to renew, since the day before it ran out and couldn't get thru????????

    2011-04-09 10:01:19

  • as of today my pogo games will not play. what is the problem?

    2011-01-23 20:59:11

  • I lost my pogo tokens and membership due to virus. ive had my laptop fixed and no can not retain my membership through loggin how can i get my tokens and membership restored with out rejoining pogo.com crockettrosiemae@yahoo.com ro1226 pogo name

    2009-04-24 12:29:23

by Raydr See Profile

MTU ( Maximum Transmission Unit ) is the greatest amount of data that can be transferred in one physical frame on the network.

By raising the MTU, you can achieve faster data transfer (more data is sent at once), HOWEVER, if you raise it too high, you'll end up trying to push more data through the pipe than it can handle, causing dropped packets and lost data (which causes retransmissions).

Think of it this way:

Say you have a water line that can handle 1.5 gallons per second. Now, you start pushing 3 gallons per second. Chances are, the pipe will now start "dropping" or leaking water.

Of course, if you set your MTU too low, this can limit how much data is transferred in a certain amount of time.

MTU isn't the only thing that affects your data speed, however this FAQ does not cover this topic.

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last modified: 2003-03-11 19:42:10