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Before you go and post a question in any forum there are a few things you should do. If you are having connection difficulties or are having some sort of other surfing problems there are a few things people will need to see before they can help you.

Firstly run these two tests.

1. Line Quality
2. Tweak Test

1.For the line quality test

Click on the button that says My public IP is then take the IP you are given and enter it into the the box and join the queue. You will get an IM from the system when its done.

When you get your result you are going to copy this line and put it in your post. Do not take the page URL as it will give out your IP address

2.For the tweak test just copy the URL for the page. Please make sure you enter your line speed if you know it.

When you post in a forum asking advice provide any information you think would be relevant in solving your problem.

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