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10.1 Aliant

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by MacGyver See Profile

The Comtrend CT-301 was custom made by Comtrend Corporation for Aliant high-speed internet and Aliant has yet to give any technical details on this modem. This is why Comtrend has no such product called a CT-301 or a history of such on their homepage.

However, the CT-301 is very similar to the CT-300, and to a lesser degree, the CT-500. We have technical documents available on those modems which may be of some use: 497,967 bytes

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last modified: 2006-10-16 20:06:59

Aliant has imposed a maximum concurrent connection limit of 200 connections. Many applications will break this limit, such as online gaming during pinging of a server list, or popular multisourcing P2P apps, such as Bittorrent. Once you break the connection limit, your connection will become useless until you relogin with your router or PPPoE software. Aliant has no real true explanation other then to prevent router congestion, but this totally breaks their advertising claim of the service being dedicated rather then shared.

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last modified: 2004-04-19 21:32:21

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by MacGyver See Profile
last modified: 2004-05-12 14:24:25

Aliant is owned by Bell Canada Enterprises (BCE), but that's all it shares in common with Bell Sympatico. The networks are completely different and separate, the modems used are completely different, there are different VPI/VCI settings for the modems, and the management does things differently.

by MacGyver See Profile
last modified: 2004-09-19 14:58:02

Yes, see following information provided by S_D See Profile

From as much analysis as I have been able to complete, I believe that the CT-301 is nothing more than a reworked CT-300 (some lights on the front got changed but I believe that the base hardware is the same [no proof though]). The CT-300 & the CT-500 share many features and also a common firmware upgrade file. I have used one of said firmware upgrade files to upgrade a CT-301 and it appeared to be working afterwards. The CT-301 as released from Aliant has a default IP address of To access the modem, you need to connect a crossover cable from the modem to a network card in your computer. Then you need to setup the TCP/IP properties for your network card as follows:

IP Address:
Subnet Mask:

Once you have applied those settings, you need to open a telnet session to the router.


Then it will ask for a username and password combo. (I will not go into details about the pain I went thru to tease the correct password out of the device, but here it is).

Username: root
Password: RM60008

That will get you root access thru the FTP interface. You should then go to Configuration and HTTPD and set it to Enabled to re-enable the web based configuration which Aliant turned off for some brilliant reason.

You can then save the changes and exit the telnet session.

Now you can browse to with your web browser of choice and logon. For read only access use user/user otherwise use root/RM60008 for root access. I recommend the web interface over the telnet one for ease of use.

Note the web configuration dialog has a nice statistics page allowing you to check line quality and such while online with the modem.

by MacGyver See Profile