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5.0 General Information

Because it is not legal to do so.

"Cable television theft is the illegal interception of cable programming services without the express authorization of, or payment to, a cable television system. There are two types of cable theft, passive and active. Passive theft occurs when a consumer receives services due to faulty cable operator procedures. Active theft occurs when someone knowingly and willfully makes an illegal physical connection to the cable system and/or attaches or tampers with equipment to allow the receipt of unauthorized services. Active theft can occur at both a consumer or commercial level. Commercial theft usually happens in an environment where the proprietor receives financial gains from the illegal services (i.e. a bar or restaurant)."

That covers why, or more accurately, why not.

"Sentences in federal and state theft of service cases have ranged from probation to 16 years in prison. Fines and restitution have ranged from several hundred dollars to $2.7 million. Civil judgments have run as high as $245 million."

The above and more information available here:

A few members share their view on this subject in this thread.

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Ever wondered how a Cable TV infrastructure works? This information may help that is contained in the following link: »www.phptr.com/articles/article.a···seqNum=4

Keep in mind that the information is copyrighted in the articles by Walter Chen at phptr, and should follow all copyright information as posted by the author in the articles.

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Over half the people in the United States can receive HDTV broadcasts for free, though many may not know it (or what it is). This is intended to be an easy how-to on getting HDTV broadcasts.

You can find more information at this website: http://bbauer.gomen.org/ota.htm

*The views expressed are solely by the writer and owner of the website mentioned, and all copyrights apply to all links posted in said website.

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RG59 and RG6 are both 75 Ohm cables. The difference is the gauge (girth) of the copper wire center. RG59 is most often 22 AWG (american wire gauge) and RG6 is 18 AWG. RG6 is generally a solid copper core and RG59 can be solid or several smaller gauge copper wires braided together.

Another difference is quality. RG6 is insulated (shielded) with an aluminum foil sheath as opposed to a braided copper wire shield used in RG59.

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