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3.0 Features

SMS (Short Message Service) is a service for sending/receiving messages of up to 160 characters to mobile phones. SMS is similar to paging, but SMS messages do not require the mobile phone to be active and within network range, but if the user's phone is not on or out of a service area, they will not receive the message until the phone is either on or back in a service area.

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If the user has a text-message or SMS-enabled phone, you can send them a message via Internet email. Here is a list of known email addresses: (replace xxx with the 10 digit wireless phone number!)

AT&T Wireless: xxx@mmode.com (110 character limit for TDMA subscribers,
160 for mMode/Next Generation network users)
Sprint PCS : xxx@messaging.sprintpcs.com (160 character limit)
T-Mobile : xxx@tmomail.net (140 character limit)
Nextel : xxx@messaging.nextel.com (if the user does not subscribe to two-way messaging,
messages over 140 characters will be sent as multiple messag es,
and billed as such, if the user subscribes to two-way messag ing,
then the limit is 500 characters and is unlimited)
Cingular : xxx@mobile.mycingular.net (160 character limit)
Verizon : xxx@vtext.com (160 character limit)

Many providers now allow users to set up their own email alias for text messaging. Please check with your provider for details.

*All of the above providers also have web-based messaging (that I have hyperlinked) in case you don't have access to email.

**Character limits include to, from, subject line, and all punctuation and spacing. Long messages will be truncated unless otherwise noted.

***PLEASE BE COURTEOUS WHEN SENDING MESSAGES! Some providers (ie T-Mobile) still charge their customers to receive text messages. It is a good idea to check with the user if you want to send them a significant number of messages, in case they subscribe to any kind of messaging plan, such as T-Mobile's 500 messages for $2.99 or Nextel's unlimited two-way messaging.

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Press these keys *#92702689#.
More here

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  • it doesn't work for me. I am using Nokia C515 phone and nothing happens. Any other way, please help

    2014-11-22 00:51:57

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If you have web access on your phone and it supports WAP try navigating to

wimd.aol.com using your phone it's much cheaper than using SMS messages.

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If your phone has an IR port you can customize your phone and add free ring tones to it!

You will need Nokia PC Suite for your phone (nokia.com)
An IR port on your computer (laptops come with them usually, for desktops try eBay)

After that, just enable the IR communications on your Nokia and use the tools from Nokia PC Suite to customize your phone.

You can upload free backgrounds and free ring tones!

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Many new phones are Bluetooth enabled. Bluetooth can be used to transmit data, pictures, phone numbers, etc through a wireless connection to your Laptop or PC. Some carriers charge up to $.25 to transmit a picture from your camera phone to your PC. Bluetooth allows you to transfer them without any charges. Most laptops have Bluetooth built into them and a USB wireless Bluetooth connector for a desktop can be purchased for under $20 for most phones. Bluetooth is a short range device which works in a 30 foot radius.

There are also wireless Bluetooth headsets, speakerphones for home and car use and other accessories. Some car models from Toyota, Lexus and BMW use Bluetooth technology making it possible to use your phone as a handsfree device while you drive.

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If you use "AOL Instant Messenger", you can send SMS messages to anyone you want, as long as you have their cell #.

Instead of sending a message to "MyScreenName" send it to "+1areacodephonenumber", ex: Lets say the persons phone number is (555)523-3432. You'd send a message to "+15555233432".

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