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8.15 Verizon Wireless

You need the data drivers disk for the data ready(digital)phone. Hook the cable up and turn the phone on. Windows should see it as an external modem. If not go to Add Hardware. Choose Standard 19.2K modem from list. Close out when done. Open up Dial Up Networking and choose "make a new connection". Name it Verizon Mobile if you want. Choose your 19.2k external modem from the list. Your settings for the connection are:
User name- qnc
Password- qnc
Phone number- #777
You get this data/web service for free. You do not pay for anything but the minutes used the same as talking. The service is turned on for everybody that is with Verizon. The qnc network is great since it connects in less than 6 seconds. You can also use any dial up provider you want. Just enter the name, PW, and number the same as you do on your desktop.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • Hi. Phone neophyte here trying to learn about internet connectivity options. In the FAQ title why is the word WEB in all-caps? I don't know if that means web-only service (no other network protocols/ports), that it's a marketing acronym or that the writer got excited about it. I don't need a reply but wanted to say it's not clear to phone noobs trying to grasp all this stuff. Thanks.

    2008-10-10 19:07:38 (jap See Profile)

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There are a couple of ways to check your minutes. One way is the dial #646(#MIN) on your handset to get your minutes. Another way is to dial #226(#BAL). You can also check it online via »www.verizonwireless.com and login to my account or register. This method is free of any charges.

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You can email your phone .mp3 or .mid ringtones or .gif/jpg/png backgrounds by sending an attachment to your phone number @vzwpix.com (2025555555@vzwpix.com).
It costs 25 cents per message (unless you have a picture messaging plan) plus airtime. It takes about one minute of airtime to recieve a picture message with a single photo or graphic and 160 text characters.

Phones that are capible of doing this are the LG VX6000, VX6100, VX8300, LG VX8600, Audiovox 8900, and RAZR V3m.

MOTOKRZR K1m (note: songs must be LESS than 20 seconds to be used as a ring tone)

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The wallpaper tab is one of the neatest features of BitPim. Drag and Drop (or right click and Add) any JPG or BMP on this tab, and it will automatically resize the image to fit the display and show you the image and update all of the appropriate .map files (indexes that tell the phone what files are available). Please note that if you allow BitPim to re-size your file, it will do so while maintaining the aspect ratio of the picture. This often times results in white space or borders around the image. If you want to size the image yourself, it should be 120 by 98 pixels (for the LG VX4400). If you are within 10% of that size, BitPim will not adjust the size automatically.

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This is a great site found, with info on everything you ever needed with your LG VX6000 phone.
»home.nycap.rr.com/stopcbt/vx6000 ··· 000.html

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First and foremost - before you make any changes - write down the existing value of any field you are about to change!

Final note: Verizon will not support you if they identify that you have changed these settings!

Making the changes: Enter the "hidden" Services menu by selecting Menu - 0. This will prompt you for the "Service Code". The service code is "000000", the select 9 - WAP Settings. We will need to add WAP Proxy #2 for our new service. Enter 1 - 4 and enter the IP address for the WAP proxy services you wish to use (the recommended one is and port to 9201). To enter the ".", use soft button two to change the entry mode from 123 to Symbols. Press OK when you're finished. Next we need to add the port number mentioned above. Enter 2 (Port Setting) then 4 (Link2-Port1) and enter the port number (9203). Press OK when you are done, then press END to exit back to the main screen.

Start the browser. It will fail! Do not be alarmed! Hold down the "0" key and the browser will launch a menu. Choose 6 (Advanced) - 2 (Homepage) and write down your current homepage. Go back to the Advanced menu and choose 3 (Set WAP Proxy) and switch it to number 2. You may be prompted for a homepage at this point, or you may be sent to the default OpenWave page. Re-enter the Advanced menu and change your homepage. (I recommend www.tagtag.com, but there are others you can pick from).

Restart your browser and you are good to go!

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• Power on your Verizon Wireless phone
• Dial *228 then hit the SEND key
• Press option #2, to update your phones roaming capabilities
• When completed a confirmation message will be displayed

* Verizon recommends performing this update every 3 months.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • I was directed to hit "2" to update my roaming capabilities. The first time I tried it, it didn't work. The next time I tried it I entered "#" + "2" and then it worked. The directions did not ask for me to hit the "#" sign before entering "2."

    2009-01-06 03:20:06

  • my cellphone never sends texts even if i have bars!

    2008-10-03 20:03:01

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In many areas it is. But if interested you should check and see.
Call our Verizon Wireless ONE-BILL Customer Service Team at 1-877-214-4572.

Or check online.

»www.verizonwireless.com/b2c/disp ··· picID=43

»www22.verizon.com/pages/onebill/ ··· nebill//

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