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2 -T-Mobile

I've had this phone since December '02 and I like it.

On the plus side, it is simple to use, the menus are easy to navigate and the personalization is great. You can add your own wallpaper, screensaver, ring tones, etc. Microphone and speaker work very well. The camera attaches quickly and easily and works flawlessly outdoors. I have dropped the phone numerous times and it still works!

On the minus side, the ring tone volume does not meet my standards as it is not loud enough. Pictures taken indoors are mostly too dark.

Overall I think that this phone will last me the intended 2+ years before I upgrade.

by Lone Wolf See Profile edited by Kevin See Profile
last modified: 2003-05-13 20:52:29

I got this phone from T-Mobile along with a free digital camera attachment. It had the best deal, $50 including tax, with a $50 T-Mobile rebate = Free.

The Motorola T720i is a very nice flip phone. I've had a Nokia 3390, previously, with Cingular Wireless. The only problem I had with the Nokia was that the keypad was very easy to press, and I had waste on average 3 to 4 SMS messages, which is about $0.30. The phone is very light, it's about 3.5 oz.

Phone features: flip design, decent RF, good sound quality, 9-line 4,092 color LCD, Java enabled, WAP, Phone Book, Voice dialing, digital camera attachment, MIDI Ring Tones (16-instrument) and GSM - 1900MHz.

In the house, I get about anywhere from 1 to 4 signal strength, if you leave it for a long time, the signal goes up. I'm pretty happy with the phone, I love the MIDI Ring Tones, it sounds really nice, the bad thing about it is that it doesn't vibrate and ring at the same time. It vibrates 3 times, rings for 10 seconds, and vibrates 2 times. Overall, this phone is very easy to use, the screen and buttons are EXCELLENT at night, all illuminated.

I highly recommend this phone, and Motorola has given me a very good reason to get this phone and write this nice review. For a free phone, I wouldn't complain about this at all.

by IcEr3K See Profile edited by Kevin See Profile
last modified: 2003-05-13 20:52:44

I've had a Motorola V60g in my collection for quite some time. It is a very reliable phone, never had an issue with it.

The phone doesn't have a whole lot of spiffy features, but considering the v60 series feature set was basically frozen around 2000, it was great for its time. Needless to say, it does everything I want a cell phone to do as far as the basics. The V60g does this with style too, it is a handsome phone with a brushed aluminium finish and chrome accents, like the flip supports and bezel. The phone is small, one of the more compact flip phones I've used. Not too small but not large either.

In your hand, the phone feels well balanced, unlike my T720g which has a heavy flip and wants to fall forward out of your palm when dialing or moving through the menu. The buttons are well placed and intuitive. My favorite buttons are the ones on the side of the phone, that allow you to toggle settings easily. The button feel is superb; tactile and crisp.

The only thing that bothers me is that the illumination of the buttons and the screen are a bit dim. If you are in a semi-lit environment, it isn't enough to allow the screen to reflect well but yet too much that the backlight isn't adequate in my opinion (like perhaps a restaurant). Viewing during other conditions, like harsh sunlight is excellent. Compared to a Nokia 3390 the lighting is the same, but compared to my Motorola T720, the V60 lighting seems poor, so I suppose it is relative.

RF performance and sound quality are excellent, as any other Motorola GSM phone I've used has been. The battery talk time is great, but the standby times aren't as good as say some Nokia GSM phones. Standby times don't matter much to me, though.

The phone is quite durable, I cannot tell you how many times the phone has fallen 4-6 feet onto concrete or tile without damage. The battery cover tends to take the blow and falls off as it absorbs the energy. I was told this is by design and I vouch that it is effective! The battery cover has a few little dimples in it from falling, but the cover is easily found for cheap.

Some people complain that the Motorola interface sucks, but those people generally haven't lived with the phone day in and day out. I much prefer the way things are organized and grouped compared to the Nokias I've owned. The V60g menus are lightning fast, so it is very responsive. The menus tend to be grouped ergonomically and after use make much more sense. If your phone isn't this way you may feel lost until you get used to it. After adapting to it, I find it is easier to get to almost every feature than any other phone I've used in the past.

I normally use my phone with the extended battery, which makes the phone a good deal thicker, but the great talk time is worth it. My phone came with the slim battery standard, which transforms the phone into a thin little work of art. Sometimes I put on the slim battery and just stare at how much more skinny the phone is! With either battery, the phone fits in your hand well.

The only thing I find as a real weak point is the travel charger mechanism (which is what comes with the phone). It clips into the bottom end of the phone and on my particular phone it jiggles around a little bit. Sometimes the connection doesn't take and the phone won't charge. Perhaps the contacts need to be cleaned, not sure. When I use the desktop charger, I never have any problems. That charger (with the clock) also works with my T720g, so that is a double plus.

I highly recommend the V60g if you want a nice phone that doesn't forget what it means to be a phone!

by ehow See Profile edited by Kevin See Profile
last modified: 2003-05-13 20:52:58

I want to first say that this is an unlocked ATT phone that I'm using on the T-Mobile 1900Mhz GSM network.

With that out of the way, let's talk about the phone. This phone is of the same dimensions as all 3500 series phones are. The phone weighs in at a comfortable 3.7 oz. and feels very good in your hand. Nokia has a placed a small rubber sticker on the back for you index finger to rest while having a conversation.

The first thing that you'll notice about this phone is its weird key-pad. For those who have not seen a picture of this phone, Nokia has grouped the "2" & "5" keys into one button, as well with the "8" & "0." It's a little weird at first, but after a while it becomes natural pressing the top for "2" and the bottom for "5."

The screen is excellent, and I mean EXCELLENT. It's 96 x 65 pixels, and can support up to 4,096 colors. Compared to my SE T300, this screen does very well in bright conditions, as well as in dark. For those wanting a comparison between the T300/T68x screen, this one is about the same size, but sharper and produces a better picture.

Sound quality is good, it's not bad, and it's not great. I'm not exactly sure how you can compare sound quality between phones, they all operate on the same network, my only real comment is that the sound is of the same quality as my T300, M46, and V60g.

WAP is fast, very fast. My GSRP connection just flies on this phone compared to my old T300. My only peeve is that you can't set the font size, both in WAP and in general. This phone displays four lines of text, but could easily do six.

The menu are not as user-friendly as the Nokia 3390, and is taking me a lot longer than I would expect to get them down. Again, one of the biggest features that is missing on the Nokia 3595 is adjusting the text size.

All in all, this phone is pretty good.

-Excellent Color Screen
-Good size, not too small, not too big

-Unable to change text size
-Not very user-friendly

7 out of 10

by Quip See Profile edited by Kevin See Profile
last modified: 2003-05-23 23:00:52

I have had my Nokia 3650 for well over a month now, its is from a 3rd party and not from T-Mobile, but either way it functions very well on T-Mobiles network.

-Phone in general: It is a rather sturdy device, some say it is large, but I find it perfect, I like having a phone that is nice to hold while using. RF is excellent, I have not used a phone yet that gets better reception.

-Screen: Excellent display at 4K colors, perfect size. The screen is one of the reasons for the phone being larger, but I would rather have a phone a little bigger than I am used to with this display

-Keypad: I actually like, I hope it turns a lot of people away as I like not seeing a lot of people with it, the cost will also turn people away (it is not going to be cheap from AT&T and T-Mobile) Anyways, the keypad is easy to get used to.

-Bluetooth: Works well, supports headset profiles, which only the upcoming Nokia headset and the SonyEricsson HBH-60 support so bluetooth headsets are limited. Sending and receiving files is easy.

-Ringtones: Polyphonic is very nice, sounds much better than the old mono. Phone can also play .wav files as a ringtone.

-Camera: Wow, this thing is amazing, a lot better than my MCA-25 on my T68i was, it takes surprisingly good pictures , and also records video. There is an app to allow unlimited video recording with sound. There is nothing protecting the camera lens, so I left the shipping plastic cover on.

-Memory: MMC slot expandable to 128Mb, comes with a 16Mb card. Very nice feature for storing video, games, apps, pictures, etc......

-Applications: There is a lot of add-ons, I mean a lot. A Gameboy/color emulator, Mp3 player, and a file explorer to name a few. Also Opera released a browser for the series 60 platform.

by BrushedTooth See Profile edited by Kevin See Profile
last modified: 2003-05-13 20:53:16

(Note: I bought this phone unlocked, therefore it does not have AIM)

The 6310i although taller than many other Nokia phones is very slim. It "just feels right" when used. Some think it is a little too big. It depends on your taste.

Phone Features:
Excellent RF
Very good Sound Quality
LCD (not color) with very even blue backlight
Java support
Phone book
Voice activation
Operates on 900/1800/1900MHZ

The feature list for this phone goes on and on. Using this phone has been a pleasure. As with all Nokia phones the menus are laid out in a very easy to use manner. The phone is extremely intuitive. I almost always have full signal. In houses the signal drops off a little bit, but the calls go through error-free.

I have only had one dropped call in the month I've had this phone. It was due to being in an area with only 1 bar of signal. That I was able to make a call with pretty good albeit slightly choppy quality was amazing since I was in the middle of nowhere.

I highly recommend this phone if you are into a good solid phone and not looking for the most feature-packed new phone.

by morph3ous See Profile edited by Kevin See Profile
last modified: 2003-05-13 20:53:33

One of the first color phones with bluetooth the SonyEricsson T68i grew very rapidly in popularity, do to its extensive features, when the T68/i first came out it put many cell phones to shame with its abundance of features, mainly being the above mentioned.

The phone works quite well, but suffered from several drawbacks, mainly two, poor rf for the 1900Mhz GSM band, and slow menus. Later firmwares have improved both reception and menu speed quite a bit, and an upgrade is highly suggested.

For a phone with a color screen, it has outstanding talk/standby times, and accompanied with its small size it was an excellent phone during its time.

The phone has many attachments, such as the MCA-25 communicam, which takes surprisingly good pictures, a laser pointer, mp3 player, and also a flashlight.

Overall I found the phone to be well worth it, and it works very well in areas where GSM signals are strong, my reception was always on par with my Motorola V60g. Bluetooth works very well, whether it was to send and receive files to my computer or sync, or if I was using a bluetooth headset. I would suggest the T68i, but I would suggest getting the firmware upgraded, this model is being replaced by the SonyEricsson T610.

by BrushedTooth See Profile edited by Kevin See Profile
last modified: 2003-05-13 20:53:45

I got this phone free from T-Mobile in late Feb 2003. I quite like it, as a basic cell.
Pros-Easy to use (my 58 y/o completely non tech mom manages to make and get calls, lock and unlock the keypad, and even check her voicemail), Dlable ringtones, widely available faceplates, AIM using TXT msgs, fun games, calculator, calendar that lets you move appointments from one date/time to another, loud ring, good battery life (if you condition the battery), pretty good reception (outside, 3-4 bars. inside, almost always 3, except in basement 1), call forwarding, call waiting, conference call
Cons-Monochrome screen (not color), included headset hurts my ear (i put a foam cover on it and that took care of it), no WAP access (can't access web or email), menu(navikey) button changes function, which can be annoying. for example, when in a call, the menu button is the end button. However, it's also the options button that lets you make another call, or answer callwaiting, or whatev, but you have to hit cancel to turn it from end to options. there have been a number of times I was in call, wanted to make another call or send a txt, and accidentally hung up cos I forgot to hit cancel before hitting the menu key.
All in all, I would say this is a good basic phone for anyone. Great for a first phone, a teenager (one who can be convinced they don't need web access and the ability to take pics anyway), a senior citizen, or any not so techie person.

by Hel See Profile edited by Kevin See Profile
last modified: 2003-06-08 14:57:19

A: I want to first say that this is an unlocked ATT phone that I'm using on the T-Mobile 1900Mhz GSM network.

With that out of the way, let's talk about the phone. This phone is similar to other series 40 Nokia phones (5100, 6100, 6200, 6610, etc.) It features the 128x128 4k color screen and tri-band support (in either 850/1800/1900 or 900/1800/1900). It offers support for GPRS and EDGE (T-Mobile only offers GPRS) along with a small camera (352x288)

Nokia has continued the tradition of making weird key-pads and the 3200 is no exception; the numeric keys have all been grouped into six keys with two number each and you either press the top or the bottom of the key to select which number you want.

The screen on this phone shows up very well in poor lighting and is readable in direct sunlight as well. The screen is also able to show multiple lines of text in WAP at a variety of font sizes (~10 lines at the smallest setting). WAP is faster than most phones I've tried in the past as well.

The camera is ok for a cell phone, and most people who have not used a camera on a cell-phone may find it poor. Other phones are coming out with VGA cameras (640x480), the 3200's camera is about half that resolution. Things far away will be blurry and even when an object fills the frame it is often a bit blurry but for the size of the phone, the fact that it has a camera is impressive.

Sound quality is good, voices are clear in both directions 99% of the time. The phone has a speakerphone, but is hard to use unless you are sitting quite close and are in a very quite place. RF is pretty good on this phone, its able to hold a good signal as well as most of the phones out there.

The menu system is similar to most Nokia's out there, so if your upgrading from the Nokia 3595 you find yourself right at home

All in all, this phone offers a good set of features: Tri-band, Speakerphone, GPRS, EDGE, Camera, Flashlight, etc. It lacks a better camera and Bluetooth, but for under $200 w/o contract at online stores its a great bargain.


by Quip See Profile edited by Optimized See Profile
last modified: 2004-07-07 00:18:59

The first thing you notice about the candy bar size flip-phone is the way it opens. The hinge is on the side, rather than the top, and reveals a QWERTY keyboard and a landscape screen which is capable of 65,000 colors. It has the usual amenities such as Voice Activated Dialing, AIM, Vibrating Ringer, Digital Zoom Camera, WAP Browser, Photo Phonebook, Handsfree Speakerphone and Downloadable Java games, animated screensavers, wallpapers and ringtones. The A630 has integrated Bluetooth Technology which allows numerous wireless device connections.

It's size is about 2"wide x 3.75long" x 1"deep and it weighs under 4 ounces. I've tested the phone extensively since I received it 2 weeks ago on 12/15/2004. The speakerphone works well in a quiet room but fails in noisy areas. Reception is good in all areas of my city, both outdoors and indoors. The camera works well outside, especially in sunlight, but falls short in indoor low light situations. Web browsing and downloading is average (compared to my old T720i). Bluetooth connectivity is flawless and moving pictures from the phone to the PC and moving games and ringtones from the PC to the phone was easy and fast. The keyboard was not too small for my big fingers and typing with it was a joy. This phone was made for Instant Messaging. You can add MP3 Ringtones as well as polyphonic. The menus and sub-menus can be difficult to navigate until you become familiar with them, but most settings are customizable.

There are not many accessories available for the phone as it is fairly new. Some of the older Motorola accessories can be used but things such as replacement faceplates, belt clips and carry cases are difficult to find. T-Mobile says that there will soon be Java games available for download at their site but there are none yet. There may be a problem adjusting the games which are available for other Motorola phones to work with the landscape screen in the A630. T-Mobile ships the phone with 3 games, Crosswords, Rivet and Bejeweled Demo and promises many more.

Overall, I would highly recommend this phone to those of you who who need Instant Messaging or need a qwerty keyboard. Otherwise, it is just a great, fun feature filled camera phone that turns heads when you open it.

by Lone Wolf See Profile edited by Optimized See Profile
last modified: 2005-01-08 18:05:13

This is the T-Mobile version of the Motorola V551 / V547 / V555 / V557

I'm not going to cover every aspect of the phone, but overall it is a good phone, however Motorola phones in general needs some improvements in various areas. I'm mostly listing things which I don't like about the device.

Known Issues:
-- If you have a trained voice name in a phone book entry, if you edit the phonebook entry for any reason it will forget the voice dialing name, it might now show it at first. This is a bug in the current firmware.
-- If you save a web shortcut in the phone, it will be lost if you have to powercycle the phone. This is a bug in the current firmware.
-- If you using a bluetooth headset the phone will use a ringer you cannot change, overriding the custom ringer settings for the default ringer, and for the custom ringers in your phonebook entries.
-- Random features not accessible/working, if the phone has been on for a while it might not allow you into certain menus like videos, you have to powercycle the phone to regain access to those menus.

Things they should improve:
-- Their phonebook structure. Many other phones have done a much better job at the phonebook. It leaves much to be desired.
-- Quality of voice dialing features. The voice recognition leaves much to be desired, even with recorded voice names it might use the wrong one as it doesn't use the voice recognition very well. Other brands like AudioVox have done a much better job. Also the storing of the voice name is tied to the phonebook entry per the previous information, and it should be stored seperately than the phonebook entry, along with optional voice commands which could be used to dial non-voice names in the phone book.
(I could have a friend talk into my audiovox, and it would match the name. If I have a sore throat, or if there is minor background noise it doesn't recognize the original user sometimes.)
-- Fixing menu options which don't always work how they should, like how long it takes for your lcd display to stay on, and when it actually launches the screensaver if you even use it.
-- Lack of security options to prevent others from accessing certain parts/features of the phone when it is not locked.

How the phone excels:
-- The quality of the voice on the other end is really good, and the speakerphone is usually very clear.
-- Many of the menu options provided are various, but give you many options about customizing your phone in a logical manner.
-- The batery life of the phone is really good, but if you enable bluetooth on the phone expect the battery life to reduce by half. However if you compare the phone to many others which don't even offer the feature it still lasts as long with bluetooth enabled.
-- Supporting standard formats like mp3 - I make my own ringtones/wallpaper/etc, and upload them to my phone via bluetooth without any hassle. The only limitation is the memory, but they give you 5MB of memory to store all of your data with all the other features so they give you plenty of room to customize you phone how you really want, just not enough memory to be a real mp3 player. However you can make playlists on the phone for those audio files and midi files you already have for something to listen to.
-- Quite durable. It is not the most durable phone I have owned, but I would say the only weak point is the flip.
-- EDGE - For those who have EDGE available over GPRS, it will be much faster than GPRS, otherwise it can fallback on GPRS.
-- Customizeable menu options - You can customize the default options for the soft keys while on the idle screen, even customize how you see the menus in the phone.

I give the phone a 3.5 out of 5.0. Its a good phone, but the firmware needs to be fixed for certain issues like the ringers with a bluetooth headset, along with giving better options for the phonebook, voice dialing, and security options.

by BlitzenZeus See Profile edited by KeysCapt See Profile
last modified: 2005-07-10 09:08:15

Thin and lightweight are first 2 things you notice about this phone. Indoor reception in previously difficult areas is now much better with the RAZR. No more cutoffs in the basement at work! Speakerphone is awesome and the zoom camera is good. Takes short videos too. Bluetooth makes file transfer to the computer effortless. I dropped it a couple of times and it didn't break so it seems sturdy.

This phone does everything it promises to do in a small lightweight package. My only suggestion is that it would benefit from a SD card to hold more memory as the phone's memory can fill up quickly with ringtones, pictures and videos. I recommend this phone to those who need a small, light speakerphone with good reception.

by Lone Wolf See Profile edited by Optimized See Profile
last modified: 2006-02-17 17:52:25

This seems to be the answer to the Cingular's Motorola ROKR, identical to the razr as far as features, but also includes a Media player which is a java application, along with a MicroSD card slot. The phone comes with a 64Mb MicroSD card, and the phone can handle up to a 512Mb card.

This phone has had quite a few other models in the v3/v5 series before it so its has been quite stable, with the exception of the java media player.

The features that stand out for the phone are the removable memory card, MP3 player, you can get stereo headphones w/mic for the phone, bluetooth, and camera/video capture.

You can use your existing mp3 collection on your phone, and if you edit the size of the files down to be ringtones you can save them to the phones memory vs the cards memory to be used as ringtones.

The java media player is slow to respond sometimes, and kind of awkward. I find the standard media browser which was been standard to motorola phones much easier to use, along with your not also using more of your battery power also running a java applet at the same time. I have also found its much easier to make playlists via the standard media browser, however the java media player can sort by artist, type, etc...

The phone has a couple usb modes, data/fax, and memory card, if you have memory card selected you can just plug it into your computer, and move files like you inserted the memory card into a memory card reader. If you have the motorola phone tools you can connect to your phone via usb to use as a modem in the data fax mode, however you can do that via bluetooth without any extra software also.

What I don't like about the phone:
--Some of the new entry modes for text, however you can change your default entry modes in everywhere except it seems your preferences don't seem to carry over as much when using java applets, more importantly I use OPERA MINI, so I keep having to change from the iTAP mode which I find annoying.
--When paired with a bluetooth device like a bluetooth headset audio will not play out of the speaker, or the bluetooth earpeice, so you can't listen to your mp3s via bluetooth, however ironically if you watch videos with a bluetooth headset paired they play through the headset. Either way the stereo headset works, but I have always hated how they position the mic on the wired headsets.
--After running java applications for a long time, and/or watching/listening to multimedia for a long time the phone should be powercycled, otherwise there is a chance the phone will just reboot on its own. My only theory is that its memory management/operating system might not be able to handle heavy multimedia usage. However even with heavy usage of Opera Mini, and listening to MP3s it has been very rare to happen to me, it was more common when I played with the java media player.
--Processor should have been faster, you can't really multi-task, you can't listen to mp3s, and be even on T-Zones/Opera Mini at the same time, it will fail to make the data connection while the processor is busying playing mp3s.

This phone among others runs Opera Mini, a nice browser to visit real web pages over your wap phone, however you need to get their full internet package for it to work(unless you can get it work with just T-Zones T-Mobile Web). I use T-Mobile for my internet anyway, but I don't like how T-Mobile blocks port 80 with their T-Zones T-Mobile Web, which is the only reason why you can't use Opera Mini without the full internet package.

Overall its been a good phone, and in the three months I have had the phone the only real thing I have had a problem with is battery life, browsing the web, using bluetooth, and using it to play mp3s does take your battery down, however it charges from a standard mini usb plug so it will even charge while plugged into your computer if you use the usb data cable.

by BlitzenZeus See Profile edited by Optimized See Profile
last modified: 2006-03-22 05:59:24

Got this tiny phone in Thailand after my razr dropped in the Gulf of Thailand. Came unlocked, works great on my Tmobile sim @1900 here in WA state. Sound quality while playing MP3's via a T flash card is awesome, lots of other features as well. Cost was 4000 bhat (around 80 bucks, including sim and 500 bhat refill card). Specs are here:

by Beringse See Profile edited by Optimized See Profile
last modified: 2007-01-14 14:01:57

It's a tri-band phone with a 3.2 megapixel camera with flash, video recorder and player, web browser, java game player, and a stereo mp3 player with 2 tiny speakers. This phone has an image editor for your pictures, photo caller ID, bluetooth connection, and you can view photos and video clips from your phone directly on your TV. With 75 MB internal memory and a 128 MB mini SD card included, there is lots of memory available (although I upgraded to a 1 GIG mini SD card). Samsung even includes an extra battery with the phone and you may need to carry it with you if you use all of the phone's features. A USB cable and software to transfer files comes with the phone. It is also capable of sending emails and mutimedia message service.

The P850 appears to be a normal flip phone until you open it and spin the screen 180 degrees and close it. Then it becomes a camera or camcorder with a fairly large, easy to see screen which is also your viewfinder. The camera has a lens cover which is tethered to the phone.

Telephone reception is equal to my RAZR in all respects. The mp3 player is great when you use the included earbuds but the speakers sound a little tinny when the volume is high. Currently I have about 200 songs on the memory card. Pictures are clear as long as you remain still when taking them and there is plenty of light. The camcorder works flawlessly and you can record up to 1 hour before the battery dies. The ringtones are the loudest of any phone I've owned. File transfer is fast and simple through the USB port or bluetooth connection.

This phone is not available in the US so you must purchase it from a third party vendor such as Amazon or Plemix or Overstock. Verizon has a similar phone available but I believe that it doesn't contain all of the features of the P850. Since it is fairly rare, it has become a conversation piece and many people have stopped me and asked questions about it.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • how can i download themes or games to samsung p850 and which type of files can supported

    2008-07-01 18:36:03

by Lone Wolf See Profile edited by Optimized See Profile
last modified: 2007-01-18 01:07:27