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2.2 HD Hardware

There's one easy way on a Scientific Atlanta box to turn HD mode on. With the box off but TV on, press and hold the "Guide" and "Info" buttons on your box at the same time. An "HD Wizard" will come up, choose "Advanced". Follow the steps and choose the formats that work with your TV. After that exit out and power on the box. Go into the detailed settings (pressing Menu twice) and go to "Set Picture Format" and change it to the setting that works best for your TV. The choices are: "Pass Through", "Upconvert1", or "Upconvert2". (I have found that "Pass Through" works best much of the time)

This, on SA boxes will get rid of the side bars and automatically expand non-HD channels to full screen. The only exception being HD channels not displaying HD content at that moment will still have sidebars or top and bottom for letterboxed programming.

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No. Moxi DVRs issued by Charter are not designed to be installed and properly configured by customers. A trouble call will need to be scheduled to swap out the DVR, should it be necessary. It may be possible to swap your Moxi for another model DVR at a local office, if they have sufficient stock to do so.

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Many people don't know that the Moxi DVR has an integrated cable modem that is used to download guide data and system updates, among other maintenance tasks. If the cable modem is unable to go online to download guide data at regular intervals, the stored data will run out and you'll be left with no current or upcoming episode info for all your channels. Therefore, it's best to approach the problem as if it were a regular HSI modem issue.

Though there are not external status indicators for the internal modem, the Moxi has a plethora of information in it's hidden diagnostics. To access the diagnostics to check the internal modem status, press and hold the 'Menu' and 'Ok' buttons on the front of the unit until the diagnostics display on-screen. Now, using either the remote or front panel of the Moxi, navigate to option 6 using the directional keypad and press 'Ok'. Then, navigate to option 63. This will show, among other data, the status of the internal modem. The modem is sync'd and online when the Status Value = 12-Operational. You will also see the signal levels reported by the Moxi's cable modem. For more information, please visit the SPL Moxi FAQ. The signal specifications are listed under Connectivity Diagnosis.

If the modem is showing that it is connected, but you still don't have guide info, look on the back of the unit for the DOCSIS MAC (it should start with 00067) and write it down. When calling Charter support, kindly ask them to check that the MAC address you wrote down is active in your account in the provisioning system. If that checks out, a service call may be your only option to resolve the problem.

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