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0.1 Forum Specific

The purpose of this FAQ is to provide accurate information relating to Comcast High-Speed Internet Service - If you wish to contribute to the FAQ, Place your FAQ here, the entry is greatly appreciated and will be reviewed by one of the FAQ Editors:

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Please post the following information:

Answer these "6" questions first, then answer any of the following questions that are specific to your issue:

1) Your location: City and State.

2) A description of the problem.

3) Is the issue intermittent, constant or does it occur at a specific time of day?

4) Your modem make, model & firmware version. How to find firmware version: Access modem

5) Describe any home networking if applicable. (i.e. routers, hubs, adapters, etc.)

6) List any firewall and/or anti-virus software you have installed. Include what version you have.

It is recommended you edit out any unique identifiers such as MAC address or IP address from the data, for your safety and security.

If you have an issue with slow or fluctuating speed:

• What HSI Tier you are subscribed to: (i.e. 6/1, 25/5, 50/10, etc.)

• Post a Speed Test

• Download this free tool & Post the ShaperProbe results (unavailable at this time). This tool will show your actual provisioning without PowerBoost.

• Post what browser/browsers you are using while running a speed test.

If you have an issue with an intermittent connection or no connection:

• What indicator lights does the modem have and the current status of each. (i.e. constant or blinking)

• Post the modem's Signal Levels & Log Entries

• Give a description of the cable & splitters configuration in your home leading to the modem.

If you have issues with packet loss, latency, or routing:

• Post a trace route to the server you're having issues with. Use PingPlotter for the best results. Download here: PingPlotter

• Post the IP address of your default gateway. The gateway info can be found in the router info pages.

• To monitor an IP address for 24+ hours to detect packet loss and/or excessive latency variability from three different locations, use: Smokeping

• A simple line test can be used from the Tools page: Line Packet Loss Testing

If you have an issue with email:

• List the program name and version you are using for access.

• Post any error message that's displayed.
Do Not post your email address in this forum. Remove it from any error message you post.

For any other issues:

• Post any additional information that may help in resolving your issue.

If you are looking for official Comcast tech support, go to:

Comcast Direct (Note: temporarily unavailable)
Comcast Support

To start a new thread in the Comcast HSI forum:
New Topic

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No. This forum is a members helping others forum. These FAQs have been compiled using the knowledge from a volunteer core of BroadbandReports' members. These FAQs in no way constitute official advice from Comcast or any of its affiliates.

If you are having difficulties with your Comcast HSI service beyond the scope of our forum and FAQs, please contact: Comcast support. or seek help in the Comcast Direct Forum

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These employees are authorized to represent Comcast on BBR's forum:

Network related (confirmation from jlivingood See Profile:

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CSRs authorized for Comcast Direct forum

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*A forum supported by both DSLR and Comcast is available to get assistance from Comcast's Customer Connect team: Comcast Direct

*sortofanote: It is my understanding other Comcast employees are not discouraged by the company to post here, but it is just that these named members do have access to the national system and are the ones authorized to use the Comcast system to help people who post here. We all still very much appreciate everyone who does their best to help subscribers who post on this site. sortofageek See Profile

May 3, 2013 Update: Expect change which may affect Comcast support for members of this site. See comments by ComcastLarry See Profile in this topic ---> »Direct forums abandoned?

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