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5.2 Error Messages

There are two types of bans: temporary and permanent.

Temporary bans last for 10 minutes (usually) and can occur for various reasons ranging from an unsuccessful connection attempt (connection was broken while sending a command for instance) to you being kicked from the hub (most likely to happen).

Permanent bans are entered manually or scripted, and they last until the permanent ban list is cleared or somebody removes you on the hub. It means that your Nickname / IP / CID is not allowed to connect to that hub any more, neither with DC++ nor any other DC client. Most hubs have reasonable owners and OP's that ban for logical reasons such as fake sharing or sharing illegal or unethical material (child pornography or nazi propaganda spring to mind). There are also those that will ban you for less reasonable things, such as your choice of client or because the OP has a sore tooth. If you run into the second type, the best thing you can do is to avoid it in the future. Who cares about them anyway? If you've been banned for reasons that fall into the first category, you've only got yourself to blame...

You can either:

  • Fix what was wrong and wait for the ban to expire, if it is a temporary ban.
  • Contact one of the hub ops outside of the hub. You may find contact details in the hub's welcome message or website if they have one. Googling for the OP's name might also turn up a contact method.
  • Get someone else to go into the hub for you to plead your case.
  • Move on to another hub. There are plenty out there.

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Error no longer present in DC++ clients after 0.68

This usually means that there is no hub running on the machine you're trying to connect to. If you got the address from a hub list, try again later as it might have temporarily been taken down (or it's under heavy load and can't handle your connection at the moment).

This message can also occur when a firewall is blocking DC++.  If you are running a software firewall, delete the rule for DC++ and have it recreate it.  If that does not work, uninstall the firewall and try again (in many cases, simply disabling the firewall will not work).

If you are still unable to connect to any hub in the public list, then your only option is to try the suggestions in this FAQ.

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This is most often caused by a wrong setup of connection settings or a firewall blocking DC++. For detailed a detailed guide how to solve connectivity problems go to Help menu in DC++ and select Get started. You can also find the guide about how to unblock DC++ in various firewalls and other security software in the DC++ built-in Help (and is available online at http://dcplusplus.sourceforge.net/webhelp/faq_unblock.html)

Things you want to check in brief: Windows Firewall, 3rd Party Software firewall (Kerio, Norton Personal Firewall, Zone Alarm, Sygate, etc) or a router/NAT (this includes those connecting from a University or workplace).

To resolve this issue, there are several things one must check:

  • Disable the Windows firewall. Follow the first part of this guide to where it's located.
  • Setup rules in your software firewall to allow DC++ traffic through. Many guides can be found here.
  • Enable port forwarding on your router. Follow this FAQ on how to fix it.
  • Connect to hubs on non-standard ports, which can be found by looking through the public hub lists for those which have port numbers appended (i.e. myhub.kicks-ass.net:9821).
  • If you're connecting from a University or workplace, then read this FAQ. Often there is nothing you can do to make DC++ work.
  • Change to passive mode.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • http://www.dslreports.com/faq/6518 dosent work :S

    2012-07-20 11:51:16

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When I search for something, it comes up that there are people with slots free. When I try to download, it says "No users to download from." This is all despite the fact that I have searched the second before (and searched again afterwards), so I know they have slots free. Yet, I can't download. So what is the problem?

Look in the Errors column in the Download queue for more information. The file might be missing or corrupt, for instance. Most often it is caused by a TTH inconsistency or corrupt/absent hash tree information. Try to find more sources for the file by using the "Search for alternates" context menu item, that might able to get the missing hash data from another user. Also try to select the "Recheck integrity" item from the same menu to solve the possible file corruptions.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • but how can someones filelist get corrupted. wenevr i dwnload filelist of some1 i get the error msg.

    2011-03-21 12:23:17

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This error can happen only in DC++ 0.699 and older as from 0.700 and on resume and integrity check is done in another way.

This message means that somehow the data has become corrupted during a transfer. Usually it's because one of the users, either you or the one you are downloading from, is using a bad firewall, such as Zone Alarm, which is intercepting some packets. There are three things you can try to fix the problem:

    •You can attempt to fix the file by chopping off the rollback bytes, using a tool like cutoff.
    •Delete the file and re-download it.
    •Completely disable the rollback feature by changing the value in Settings -> Advanced to 0. You can do this, but at your own risk. The rollback is a scheme to ensure that the file you're resuming and the file you're downloading from a remote source are the same. If you disable it after getting the rollback inconsistency message, there will be corruption.


DC++ Change Log Related Entries:
0.706: Removed unused rollback option (thanks mikejj)
0.700: Removed rollback support - advanced TTH resume is now always used (thanks cologic)
0.669: Added advanced resume that detects and tries to repair rollback inconsistencies using tiger trees
0.4033:  Fixed a memory leak with rollback buffers under certain conditions
0.4032: Sources with rollback errors are now automatically removed (thanks, garg)
0.307:  Rollback no longer depends on buffer size
0.173:  Changed the way rollback works; it is now more tightly integrated with write buffer size
0.16:  Improved rollback buffering
0.153:  Fixed a rollback bug
0.15:  Fixed a small error with the rollback
0.14:  Added rollback size option
0.13:  More work on the resume rollback, it should now work a bit better
0.121:  Fixed rollback bug

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These messages mean that the file you have attempted to download contains a different TTH hash than the one in your download queue. There are two things you can do to fix this:

    •Search for the file by its TTH value to find another source for it.
    •Delete the file from your Download Queue and off the hard drive.  Then re-add the file from the search window or user list. 

If the message happens only when you download from a certain user then you can't do much about it except warn him/her/the hub operators about a possible hashdata corruption.

If the message persists downloading from all users, then most probably your hash data files rhat are corrupted so you should rebuild them. Open a hub and type /rebuild command to the mainchat to fix the corruption and rebuild your hashdata. The operation may take longer so be patient... If it doesn't help you should open your DC++ settings folder and delete hashindex.xml and hashdata.dat files (while DC++ is NOT running). As a side effect your share will be fully rehashed at the next start of DC++... For the settings files' whereabouts refer to the FAQ in the DC++ built-in help or in the online version at »dcplusplus.sourceforge.net/webhe···les.html

 There have been a few reports of routers causing this error, too.  The only way to find out if yours is causing the problem is to bypass it. Connect your PC directly up to your cable/DSL modem (make sure you have a software firewall enabled!) and see if you still get TTH inconsistency error messages.

DC++Change Log Related Entries:
0.4033:  Fixed an issue with invalid TTH inconsistencies due to files being downloaded to the same target filename as a previously downloaded file (.nfo's usually)

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • Always helps for me to either delete the file from my temporary downloads folder, delete it from queue and re-queue it or find another source for it.

    2011-09-02 03:21:02

  • I am behind a router (and a DSL modem) and I often get TTH inconsistency downloading files from my favourite hub. The only way I found to solve the problem is to : 0. Copy TTH from the problem file and save it (you can do a SEARCH FOR ALTERNATES); 1. Delete the file in the download queue; 2. Turn off computer; 3. Unplug router; 4. Tur off DSL modem; 5. Wait a few minutes or more; 6. Turn back on DSL, wait for all lights to be green; 7. Plug back router, wait for all lights to be green; 8. Turn back on computer; 9. Get to the hub and search the file with the previsously saved TTH root (ensure to search HASH fil type); 10. Start a new download. It works half of the time. If it doesn't work, start all the process again. PB

    2010-12-13 14:38:28

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No slots available
The user that you are downloading from is already uploading enough. You will need to wait until some of his uploads are finished. How long? There's really no way of knowing.

All download slots taken
You have set a limit in your settings, how many downloads you want to have running at the same time. This setting is found under the Downloads pane in your DC++ settings.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • The 'All download slots taken' message can be shown if you have files in lowest priority as well. See https://bugs.launchpad.net/dcplusplus/+bug/193645

    2008-04-24 15:39:43

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This can happen when you have more than one network adapter set up and in use on your computer. DC++ assumes the first network adapter is the one you're using to connect to the Internet and gets the local IP from that.

To specify what network adapter you want to use you must fill the adapter's local IP address to the "Bind Address" setting in the Settings, Connectivity, Manual Configuration pane.
Alternatively you can change the order of your network adapters in the Windows registry, follow the steps listed in this Microsoft article: How to change the binding order of network adapters.
Make sure the adapter you're using to connect to the Internet is on top.

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