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Project BOUNCE aims to create an Open Unified Network Computing Environment intended for existing and future Distributed Computing (DC) clients, but with unlimited possible uses. The open framework will allow for many current and future DC projects.

The BOUNCE client and interface will allow for remote browser based management of diskless & headless client arrays sometimes known as "farms". The key point to the project is to make the setup and maintenance of such an array such a simple a trivial task that a newcomer to Linux wouldn't hesitate to start using Linux.

The backbone of the project is initially based on Linux Mandrake and LTSP (Linux Terminal Server Project). The diskless, headless and video cardless design is implemented through Etherboot and PXE technologies. Although each of the pieces of the puzzle are in existence, our intent is to provide a framework for bringing all of these technologies together under one package that does not require the user to be an expert in any one of the technologies.

Current framework building blocks (Oct. 21th 2003):
Python - »:/www.python.org

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last modified: 2003-10-22 03:46:10

Yes, you can find the official project BOUNCE website at the following address:


Note (Oct. 21th 2003):

Unfortunately the website has not been updated for quite some time. I will try to change that before the end of the year! ;) --sf

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last modified: 2003-10-21 19:33:18