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1.1 HardWare

My hard drive is clicking, is this normal?

Yes, if your Dell DJ's hard drive clicks softly, then it is the hard drive working.

If it is very loud, then your Dell DJ may have the "click of death". Refer to the faq: /faq/10722

Hard Disk Error

Normaly, if you get the Hard Disk Error, or something simular, and it wont go to the main screen, your hard drive is dead. Try reseting the device, and if that doesent help, try to defrag it. If nothing helps, contact Dell technical support and tell them your Dell DJ's hard drive is dead and you need a replacement.
If you don't have your music saved on your computer, try this.

A user on the Dell Community Forums (DCF) mentioned that he got his music off of his device by "tapping" the back of the device. He said it may not work for everyone, but to try it.
Edited to add: A user has asked me to explain what I meant by "tapping". Take a pen, or your finger, and tap the back of the dell dj, around the middle.
Please message me for more information. My username is icex _.

2.2 Firmware

Is there any Firmware that I need to install fo the Dell FM Tuner?

Yes, there is. You need to install this firmware update for the Dell FM Tuner to work with your Dell DJ. Follow the link below to download. Once downloaded, make sure your DJ is connected to your computer (via the usb cable), then open the .exe and follow the instructions.

Click for the firmware download.

* NOTE: Do not install unless you have the Dell FM Tuner!

3.3 Perperials

The rubber feet on my Dell DJ fell off!

If your rubber feet fell off of your Dell DJ, follow these steps below:

* Go here to e-mail Dell Technical support
* Click Technical Support
* Enter your Service Tag number
* Click Submit
* Fill in all the data requested (including, I need part #F5085 replaced)
* Click Submit

note: this information is copyright of the Dell Community forums, and DELL_Chris

What accessories are available for my Dell DJ?

There are various protective covers and carrying cases with belt clips available. Many have clear plastic over the buttons and most allow you to connect the power cord and headphones without removing the cover.

There is an accessory which allows you to play your DJ through your vehicle's FM radio. There is a Docking Station which allows you to both Charge and Sync your DJ with your computer. An FM Tuner is available which connects to your DJ and allows you receive FM Broadcasts. A wired Remote Control may be purchased that allows you to control your DJ when it is in your backpack or your glove compartment.

Dell and Belkin Products currently have the largest selection of accessories for the Dell DJ.

4.4 Music