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2 How do I

To make a Poll:

The poll must be the first post in a thread.
You can now edit a poll once you submit it.
Use lower case for the poll command.
Your poll should look like this:
[poll]Ask your question?,Choice 1,Choice 2,Choice3,etc.[/poll]

For example:

[poll]What color is the sky?,red,blue,green,yellow[/poll]
If a poll works, during the preview stage it should display:
[Your poll will appear here after topic is created]
Images may be used for choices:
Ask your question, , , ,

Note: There is a 255 character limit (including html tags) for each choice.

FYI: the poll function works even after the thread is locked. That is, users are still able to vote even when threads are locked.

To create a poll with multiple choices, use the [mpoll] and [/mpoll] tags.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • not working man

    2010-03-05 18:43:52

  • I edited an mpoll and added two more options. I voted for those two options and they did not count. Is the system flawed?

    2009-11-15 15:30:05 (cypherstream See Profile)

  • [mpoll]Xρειάζεται ALLIANCE το GUILD μας? ναι,όχι,μπορούμε και μόνοι μας[/mpoll]

    2009-09-14 16:25:03

  • Typo: Ask your question?,Choice 1,Choice 2,Choice3 Spaces or no speces on the choices? Choice 3 has no space, 1 and 2 do...

    2009-06-27 11:28:24 (dadkins See Profile)

  • I believe that the "FYI: the poll function works..." is incorrect and that now the person who creates the poll can lock or unlock it when they choose.

    2009-05-07 22:01:10 (grobinette See Profile)

  • WIll this work on the fan forum?

    2007-10-27 23:42:27

by graffixx See Profile edited by KeysCapt See Profile
last modified: 2006-03-30 19:17:44

To use commas, other than, and in addition to the commas that are required to separate your poll options, you need to replace the commas with , .

Here is an example:

    [poll]Do commas in Polls work?,Yes ,, they do, No ,, they don't[/poll]

Here is the end result:

by howe81 See Profile
last modified: 2004-01-07 17:01:48

How do I post a screen shot?

The first thing to do is to re-size the window which you'd like to take the screen shot of to prevent "page stretch".

Make sure the window you want is the active window.
Press ALT + Print Screen SysRq (it will copy to the "clipboard")

Open MS Paint or other graphics program

File -> New

Edit -> Paste

File -> Save as JPEG or GIF
• Attachments

Finally, to post your screen shot, start a post on the site as you normally would, but then click on "Got Attachments?" and attach your file.

If you are using Internet Explorer, you will see the "attachments" button as displayed here:

The button activates the fields to browse and insert your image(s). If you have javascript disabled, the button may not work, so the link below it should be used.

If you've stored the image on your hard drive, then click on "browse" and navigate to the folder on your computer where the graphic is stored. Click on it, and it will be entered in the box to upload.

There is NO preview when uploading a graphic attachment.

Edit: This procedure has been revised and enhanced to remove the uploading limitation of two items. You can now submit up to sixteen attachments with one post, as illustrated below:

Note: Please heed the warning against attaching .bmp files to your posts.

Another recommended and freeware graphics program that can be used to manipulate your graphics is Irfanview.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • It is a little different for anon users..

    2009-02-23 09:02:19

by KeysCapt See Profile
last modified: 2004-02-13 09:09:08

As some of you may have noticed, if you try to post code (HTML, C, or other code), just by pasting it in and hitting PREVIEW, several bad things can happen.

  • Your code loses any formatting.
  • Your code may vanish completely if it contains angle brackets
  • If you spell-check, your code is spell-checked (pointless)
  • You get annoyed

The solution is to use [code] blocks.

Stuff within a [code] block is not mucked with, and is printed in a mono-spaced font, with all spaces (formatting) preserved.

To use a code block within a post, just post like so:

    ... (your code goes here) ...

Note: the [code] and [/code] tags MUST APPEAR TO THE LEFT ON LINES BY THEMSELVES. Using [code]...[/code] inline, will not work.

The contents of the code block will be isolated from the post, shown in a mono-spaced font, and all angle and square brackets appear unmolested. Note, in order to preserve the right margin of the website, any lines longer than 90 characters are split, automatically, with notification at the bottom of the code block that this has happened.

Outside of code blocks, in order to use the characters: > < [ and ] use ASCII-ISO 8859-1 codes. These are codes that are specific to individual HTML characters:

    [ = &#91;
    ] = &#93;
    < = &lt;
    > = &gt;

Note: When using ASCII-ISO 8859-1 codes to post with, you can only preview your post once. If you preview twice, the second preview will convert the post. For example:

If you are making a long and detailed post using the ASCII-ISO 8859-1 codes, it is advisable to write it first into notepad and copy and paste it into your post when it is ready. This way you will keep the original coding intact.

Thank you Dooby for this FAQ.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • I must not be understanding something. I try it many different ways and my code is still converted. I am trying to send my code by email so someone else can use it. if you can email me at and let me know if i'm doing something wrong that'd be GREAT!

    2008-10-21 21:58:26

by graffixx See Profile edited by howe81 See Profile
last modified: 2004-01-07 17:21:49

This can only be done using a picture and a link that have a web address as shown below.

To insert a 'clickable picture link' into your post, use the following code:
<A HREF=""><IMG SRC=""></A>
The above example is a working link. To see how it works, just copy and paste it into a post.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • 2013-02-10 17:10:59

  • 2011-07-03 10:55:54

  • 2010-12-24 13:45:28

  • do i put the picture link straight after it or what

    2010-04-14 09:51:45

  • purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrfect man ! thanks !

    2010-01-22 07:00:16

by Dooby See Profile edited by KeysCapt See Profile
last modified: 2003-01-13 08:28:46

The blue sad faces were newly implemented and can be created using colon (:) and the square left bracket ([).

So to create this () whilst posting, use (:[).

by howe81 See Profile
last modified: 2002-06-12 11:17:08

You can put emoticons like and that show up when you create a thread or reply any where in your posts by using the following codes:

    = [img][/img]
    = [img][/img]
    = [img][/img]
    = [img][/img]
    = [img][/img]
    = [img][/img]
    = [img][/img]
    = [img][/img]
    = [img][/img]
    = [img][/img]
    = [img][/img]
    = [img][/img]
    = [img][/img]
    = [img][/img]

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • HINT: You can use any emotions you find anywhere on the net. Just put them inside of IMG tags.

    2011-11-02 16:02:03 (fonzbear2000 See Profile)

  • Why don't we ADD these others to the built in list of emoticons under the last emoticon: "MORE". ? ?

    2011-07-04 10:32:07 (Dustyn See Profile)

  • It might be nice to allow users to associate their own uploaded emoticons with their account similarly to the way avatars are. For example, I like the Yahoo! Mail "big smile" emoticon, because it looks more like a, well, big smile; the BBR smiley looks more like a little buck-tooth guy. Meh37

    2008-03-18 10:13:51

by redxii See Profile edited by howe81 See Profile
last modified: 2004-01-07 17:03:38

To add links in your signature, use the A HREF tags. So the syntax is:
    <a href="http://url-here">Name of link</a>
An example would be this:
    <a href="">DSL Reports</a>
would produce this:

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • I need to add my homepage link to my AOL Mail signature so that when I send an email and the person receiving the email can click on link and it will go into my homepage.

    2009-09-15 15:09:31

by howe81 See Profile

To print just the one post and not the entire thread hover over to here:

.. and you'll see the number for just that post then replace user;xxxxxxx with the post number.

An example would be:;2092703 which would produce: Click to view.

by howe81 See Profile

When you make characters such as (micron) or (copyright) in the DSLReports forums, they won't be shown unless you use the HTML code equivalent.

A list can be found at:

by redxii See Profile edited by KeysCapt See Profile
last modified: 2003-04-13 11:29:54

This is an ability that is included in the HTML help at the right side of the posting text box. To make text appear small, use the following code:

    <small>Your text here</small>

This will appear in your post as:

    Your text here

You could also use <small><tt> to use the Typewriter text style font which appears to be smaller than using <small> on many systems.

For example:

    Your text here

by Dooby See Profile edited by howe81 See Profile
last modified: 2004-01-07 16:59:56

This is an extra ability that is not included in the hints beside the text box when posting. To center text and pictures in a post, use the following code:

    <center>Put your text or image tag here</center>

This will cause that section to appear centered in your post like this:

Put your text or image tag here

by Dooby See Profile edited by howe81 See Profile
last modified: 2004-01-07 17:04:34

Site premium users in the forums can insert an image of any URL into a new post by using the syntax


where .... is a valid URL, including http://

Click the image to go to the website mentioned and pictured. Click 'enlarge' to see the graphical snapshot at the time the post was created.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • Apparently those of us who have "grandfathered" pseudo-premium accounts (I have the "ignore ads" option, joined in 2000) are [b]not[/b] able to use the siteshot feature?

    2014-01-06 17:10:59 (bradenmcg See Profile)

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last modified: 2004-01-07 17:05:33

Use a syntax block within your post. The format is:

    (paste your code here)

xxx is the language of your code fragment, as it would typically be represented in a FILE EXTENSION. Some common extensions that will trigger syntax coloring are below. Replacing xxx in the example above with php, for example, will syntax color a php code fragment.

    javascript - Javascript
    java - Java
    perl - perl code
    php - php code
    h - c header file
    registry - Windows registry export fragment

For the full list of supported languages, please see this FAQ entry - What languages are supported in syntax blocks

Note: Syntax blocks can be edited after the post has been made
Note: Syntax blocks will preview correctly. If they do not preview, they will not post correctly either.
Note: Syntax blocks cannot be AUTO-QUOTED, and should not be quoted manually
Note: The begin and end markers around a syntax block must be on their own lines and against the left margin

edited by howe81 See Profile
last modified: 2005-07-20 19:22:30

Yes. If you need to turn a lot of HTML into escape characters for posting raw, there's a nice utility here:

Quick Escape.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • Correct Link.

    2011-08-07 01:33:02 (Dustyn See Profile)

  • Incorrect link.

    2011-08-07 01:32:20 (Dustyn See Profile)

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