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1.1 Our Gallery

Have you wanted to organize your photos in your BBR gallery? Ever wished someone else would organize their gallery? ;-)

I recently took a look at my own collection (400+ !!) and realized, it's time for a change! I couldn't find a thing- and I took the pics!

Well, I aim to help people here who might not know about the folder & tagging feature the site has had...for a while. If this is a repeat post, sorry.

Setting up folders helps put your photos in a more logical context, and also increases your exposure to folks wandering about the gallery. It provides a logical & streamlined way to look at things, based on what are called "index words". These can be set by the user.

Want to see it in action first? Check out the great gallery setup by kidpics See Profile

(Click Image)

How it works
First off, one must create folders into which photos will be sorted, based on their respective "index words".

Creating a folder-
This can be done from within your current gallery. You must have at least 1 photo to begin with.
Navigate to your gallery page. You should see something like this-

1. We want to manage folders, so click that link.

2. Upon clicking there, you will be given the option to create a new folder.

3. Once you have created a new folder, you will need to name it and give it information as to what index words you want it to use. Click edit. You will see this-

4. From here you will want to enter a "Short Name". This is the name of the folder as it will appear to all the folks looking at your images.

5. Enter a "note" if you like. This info is not viewable to the public, but it can be used to help you remember exactly what your folder is for.

6. Enter a "index" word or words. These words will filter your photos into their respective folders when you upload new shots. For example, if you upload a picture of a dog, you may use a index word like "pets". For example-

Keep in mind, you can use more than 1 index word, but using MORE than 1 index word on any given image may cause the shot to appear in more than one of your folders.

Some final thoughts.

You may need to re-index your folders if you are moving things around. Normally uploading a new shot with a index word will never require this. It's there more as backup in case things don't work right or if you are creating new folders and organizing old pics.

Old pics. I wish there was an easy way...but there is none I know of, if you want to add index words to them you need to edit each. One at a time.....I did 400, so I don't expect to hear any complaints ;-)

If you upload a shot without a index word, it will not appear in the normal folder mode. You or your "gallery guest" will need to click on your name a SECOND time in the gallery. This bypasses the index folder mode and displays all shots in the old manner. (Chronological upload order..) Also, if you add a index word to a shot that PREVIOUSLY did not have one, you will need to re-index your folders.

Last point- making a folder private ONLY makes the folder private, not the shots within it...unless they are individually flagged private. Basically speaking, marking a folder private does not have a global affect. (Though I wish it did!..)

Enjoy, and happy organizing!

This was kindly written by d j a and was found in this thread.

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As explained here: »html chunks »Tool Points and the Digital Imaging Gallery

The Gallery in the Digital Imaging Forum has the following restrictions you should be aware of.

    • Basic members (free site account) can only have 4 pictures uploaded at any one time.

    • Premium members can use up to 10mb of space for uploaded pictures. 10mb of space could hold 40 average sized pictures of 250k each.

    • At the end of each week, while a user is using more than 10mb of space in the gallery, they will have tool points deducted from their current balance, at the following rates:

    10mb to 100mb - 0.25 tool points (works out to be 13 USD a year)
    100mb to 200mb - 0.50 tool points (works out to be 26 USD a year)
    200mb to 300mb - 0.75 tool points (39 USD a year)
    300mb to 400mb - 1.00 tool points (52 USD a year)

    • If a given gallery uses excessive amounts of bandwidth due to many external hits, or there are no tool points left in your account, then the gallery will be temporarily de-activated.

    • The Digital Imaging Gallery must not be used to host porn, or copyright media. In the process of investigating excessive bandwidth use, we will view images even if they are marked 'private', and, if necessary, disable the gallery if we deem the images to be unsuitable.

How do I know if I am exceeding my bandwidth allocation?

When you start to upload to the Gallery, you'll see this message:

(Currently you are using X.XX MB)

Where X.XX is your current usage.

by tmpchaos See Profile

If you ignore a user, you will lose the ability to see their images in the Gallery as well. This can come in quite handy, if someone's images offend you in some way.

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