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3.1 Cameras

ShinyTop has posted Before You Buy, a guide for those looking to buy a camera (although it could be considered a general guide).

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KeysCapt See Profile just pointed me to this interesting site: »www.acme.com/digicams/

Seem to be a nice little camera chooser. Also has some links down at the bottom.

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Canon's homepage for digital cameras

Independent forum for owners of PowerShot A series

Canon Talk Forum on Digital Photography Reviews

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Fuji's website is a great place to get information on Fuji digital cameras. The site contains up to date information and any software that you may need for your camera.

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Main Nikon site

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Olympus Digital is one of the most popular digital camera manufacturers. They originally made film cameras such as the OM series but when the camera market went to auto-focus Olympus decided to skip out on this step and it cost them their market share. They then focused on making digital cameras. They made some of the more innovative cameras on the market.

They have made quite a few cameras in the past few years most notable of them being the Olympus E-100RS which had an amazing speed of up to 15 frames per second and Olympus C-2100UZ which both also had Image Stabilization which allowed to users to shoot in low light.

They currently offer some pro-quality SLR cameras with non-interchangeable lenses which reduces the price of the camera greatly. However, you lose some flexibility due to the inability to change lenses.

One of the mostly asked questions I have seen is "Which camera should I buy?"
Olympus has designated their cameras with a series prefix.

D-Series-This is geared for the beginner photographer and features primarily point and shoot functionality.
C-Series-This series is probably the most popular and most common series people buy. It has a little bit for everyone. Fully automatic mode(s) for point and shoot simplicity and often aperture priority/shutter priority/full manual modes as well as other advanced features that will let you get out of almost any situation you might encounter on your photographic expedition.
E-Series-This series is geared towards advanced amateur and professional photographers who need the ruggedness and capabilities of an advanced SLR camera.

Behold, Olympus also makes a large number of accessories for their Olympus cameras (they can often be used on other cameras as well).

Auxilary Lenses:
Olympus B-300 (Discontinued) This is a 1.7x Optical magnification lens that is now discontinued but now and then shows up on eBay.
Olympus A-200 (1.5x telephoto lens with 49mm threads)
Olympus C-210 (1.9x telephoto lens)
Olympus C-180
Olympus WCON-08 (.8x wide-angle lens)
Olympus TCON-14B (1.45x telephoto lens)
Olympus TCON-300S (3x telephoto lens. Specifically for E-series)
Olympus MCON-35 (Macro Lens for E-Series cameras
Olympus MCON-40 (I believe it's the same as MCON-35 and the only reason I have heard of it is because someone overseas has one.)
Olympus A-Macro (Macro lens, 49mm lens thread)
Olympus B-Macro (Macro lens, 55mm lens thread)

External Flashes:
Olympus FL-40 - This flash is designed specifically for Olympus cameras that have an external PC-Sync connector or a hot shoe (E-20, C-5050). This flash allows you to shoot photos while in any mode the camera provides. Proper exposure is achieved by the camera automatically. This makes it much easier for a beginner to shoot indoor photos without having to worry about the proper manual settings on the camera.

Olympus FL-BK01 Flash Bracket is designed specifically for Olympus cameras and the FL-40 external flash.

FL-CB01, FL-CB02, FL-CB03, FL-CB04 are various cables needed to connect your camera to the FL-40 (or external units)
Olympus P200 - First Generation Dye Sublimation Printer
Olympus P400 - Second Generation Dye Sublimation printer

Using a 3rd Party Flash unit with your Olympus camera
Olympus cameras that have a PC-Sync connector can use almost any 3rd party flash, however you lose the TTL abilities so you need to manually "guess" the proper settings for good exposure.

Using a 3rd Party Flash Bracket with your Olympus camera
Almost any flash bracket will work but you should keep in mind that if your camera has a hard-plastic tripod mount it's usually a bad idea to let your camera mount support the bracket + flash unit as they could potentially damage/strip the tripod mount. The best flash brackets to get are the ambi-dexterous ones similar to the proprietary Olympus bracket. They usually allow you to hold the bracket with your left hand while supporting and operating the camera with your right hand and without putting any extra weight on the tripod mount.

Some Olympus resourses:
Olympus Global Website
Olympus Accessories Compatibility Chart
Olympus Store
Olympus Camera forum
Olympus SLR Camera forum
Digital Photography for What it's worth (It's geared towards Olympus cameras)
PhotoSig.com - Get feedback on your photos (All cameras)

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Sony's Digital Camera site

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