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6.1 Media

Using a USB 2.0 memory reader, the Viking Secure Digital 128 MB card received the following scores using Sisoft Sandra 2002 File System Benchmark (test file size 53 MB):

Overall drive index: 4677;

Buffered read: 6 MB/second
Sequential read 6 MB/second
Random read: 6 MB/second
Buffered write: 372 kb/second
Sequential write: 1610 kb/second
Random write: 485 kb/sec

by ScottMo See Profile edited by tmpchaos See Profile
last modified: 2003-12-30 12:26:19

This SD memory was offered for sale as a 60X card, which would put the read as 10 MB/s & read around 9 MB/s. For the price Newegg.com was selling it for, this seemed too good to be true. Here's the SiSoft Sandra 2002 memory benchmark score (two runs were identical):

Test File Size : 219MB

Benchmark Breakdown
Buffered Read : 7 MB/s
Sequential Read : 7 MB/s
Random Read : 6 MB/s

Not quite 60X, more like 45X, but still speedy. However,the card itself is unimpressive. Its noticably thinner than my other SD cards, which makes it feel somewhat flimsy. It also has no locking switch (to prevent overwriting). The card tends to be stubborn to fully seat in the camera, perhaps because its is so thin.

However, given that it was selling for the same price as 15x 256 SD cards, its a great deal. The increase in write speeds does get me to the next picture much quicker. I'm keeping the card, but when I need a another card, I'll probably pass on this one & get a little more substanial card.

by ScottMo See Profile edited by tmpchaos See Profile
last modified: 2004-09-16 20:05:41