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7 Scanners

This scanner is a flatbed scanner which connects via USB and is also powered via USB. I bought it around a year ago at the price of $200 at Fry's Electronics.

This is what it looks like:

•Maximum image resolution of 12002400dpi
•Works with both Mac and PC computers
•Came packaged with Adobe Photoshop 5.0LE

•Very slim and sleek, only one inch thick.
•Draws power through USB, so no outside power is needed
•Sharp, clear images with well-balanced color
•Good, light software for quick copies
•Nice stand included for vertical usage/storage
•For the most part it is a fast scanner even at higher resolutions

•Slightly expensive for something I use only periodically
•USB cord doesn't snap in very well, it often comes unplugged accidentally

Bottom line: I would recommend this scanner because of all of its features and practicality. It was a nice looking scanner, but despite its practicality, $200 was too much to pay. They are going for about $35 on ebay, so if you are in need of a good scanner, I'd suggest snatching one.

by DavisPhotog See Profile

This is new software that I beleive your visitors would find useful.

It is now possible to connect digitial scanners to Windows networks, and let anyone operate the scanner as if it were directly connected to their own computer.

There are several common situations where it useful to be able to
share a scanner on a network, such as:

1) A scanner is connected to a computer where someone is working who does not want to stop doing what they are doing every time someone else needs to use the scanner.

2) A scanner is connected to a computer on a home wireless network, and someone on a laptop wants to use the scanner but does not want to have to disconnect and then reconnect cables, etc.

3) A higher-end scanner is in a dust-free environment where a technician or other worker physically places the documents and then from their own computers operate the scanner without having to be anywhere near it.

4) At internet cafes and other public use locations where a scanner is located back behind a counter. The counter person can take documents from a customer and place them onto the scanner, then letting the customer operate the scanner from their own computer or work station. This keeps the counter person from having to know how to run any software at all.

You can find Remotescan software at »www.remote-scan.com

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