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Approximately 2 years ago, this HP printer was $300. Now, there are updated models which can be found for somewhat cheaper, and that do a better job. If you want this model, you can find it as low as $95 online.

Some features of this Inkjet photo oriented printer include:

•600 x 600 dpi in Black
•2400x1200 dpi in Color
•11-14 ppm in black
•CF and SM slots
•JetSend (IR) print support
•USB support

Overall, this is a good printer. It does the user good to have an upper end Inkjet printer even though it is a few years old. It is fast in B&W, and produces very clear text. The photo printing is excellent - the resolution is great and the colors are for the most part vibrant. From the many prints that have come from this printer, they have kept up. Two years later, I still have some quality prints that have not faded or lost color. The only problem is the ink cost.

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last modified: 2003-05-25 08:32:52