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1.0 General Information

•Do not "hijack" someone else's help thread by jumping in with your problem. Start your own thread about your problem. This makes it easier for the Techs to keep track of "Help Requests".

•Keep your issues to one thread for best assistance and so as not to duplicate member efforts. Give enough information. Give some time for a reply. "Please" and "thank you" may seem like old fashioned concepts, but we like them.

•Please Note: Do not post a direct link to ANY file in this forum. You can post a link to a page that contains a link to a file, but NO DIRECT LINKS.

•Otherwise the existing site Rules on Posting and Terms of Use pretty much cover it.

•If you have any questions, please ask your friendly forum moderator.

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The following member(s) are official DSLExtreme representatives that frequently monitor the forums and are available to answer your questions.

dslx_gm See Profile - George is the General Manager of DSLExtreme.

dslx_tech1 See Profile - Ryan - 6:30am to 3:00pm PST Monday-Friday.

dslx_steve See Profile - Steve - 7:30am to 6:00pm PST Thursday-Sunday.

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Most likely, no.

You are probably too far from the CO/RT. DSLX provides service over Verizon/AT&T lines and the same distance restrictions apply.

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Thirty days prior to the end of your one year contract, you will receive a notice giving the option to renew. If you choose not to renew you will be placed on a month-to-month account at a slightly higher rate. If you choose to renew you are typically given a rate that is around the promo rate or slightly higher. The price depends on the packages and network provider that you are on. You will be able to see the pricing under the members section by selecting modify subscription 30 days prior to your anniversary date.

These threads talk about this:

»What happens after the year's up?

»Re: What is the pricing?

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If you are under contract the termination fee is $250 or the remaining months on your contract - Whichever is less.

Said by dslx_gm See Profile here: »Re: Considering U-Verse and have questions

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The Supplier Surcharge is comprised of Federal Universal Service Fund recovery fees that are still charged on core components within the DSL Extreme network as well as a supplier imposed surcharge which is not a tax or government imposed fee.

The Supplier Surcharge Recovery fee is $2.88 per month. 

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DSL Extreme Reviews

Currently DSLReports has many reviews of DSL Extreme from DSLR users.

You can also see how DSL Extreme rates head-to-head with other providers by going here

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»www.dslextreme.com is the offical DSL Extreme website.

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