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5.1 Advanced Setup


The reverse DNS tool, which can be found under the My Account section of DSLX's website, allows clients with static IP addresses to easily manage and change the reverse DNS record for their static IP addresses. This feature is for FREE to all static IP clients!

To manage your Reverse DNS simply login to the My Account section of our website and select the Details button next to your static IP address. From there select the edit button to modify your reverse DNS entry. It takes 24 to 48 hours for the change to take effect.

The reverse record is what your IP resolves to when you do a look up on your IP. If you are running a mail server you want to have your IP address reverse to your domain name. Often times spam checkers will check to see if the reverse record matches the forward record. If it does not the checker will mark the message as spam. There is some more information in the Reverse DNS Wiki.

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Go to »secure.dslextreme.com/addip/

Be sure to stay within your account limits, or you'll be charged extra money per month for every IP you go over.

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Read »5 Dynamic IP(s) - what this means?

It discusses different options. Either plugging every user into a hub/switch and having them use PPoE software, or using 2 different routers plugged into the hub/switch.

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You will need to obtain a broadband router.

Information on setup can be found here.

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Either plug every user into a swtich, or plug different routers into the switch. Then follow the regular static IP setup instructions.

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0/35 are the valid VPI/VCI settings for both AT&T and Verizon areas.

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