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10 General

The first thing to remember is that Earthlink is just a re-seller of other company's DSL service, be that your local telco's or Covad's. These other parties don't offer partial-month service or rates, so Earthlink can't either, unless they want to absord the cost themselves. In the case of a customer leaving, there's little benefit to Earthlink in that case, now is there ? ?

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Currently, these are the official techs that are assigned to the forum and the days and times that they are most likely to be at the site: *

* 8/20/07- It appears that for now Earthlink has discontinued providing official tech support here. See: »Earthlink is outsourcing the last of it's US techs.

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Here is a link to the forum posting guidelines that helps keep the Earthlink DSL Forum an informative, friendly place to learn how to get the best out of your service: »Forum Posting Guidelines

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You can reach Earthlink's LiveChat support by clicking here

The number to call for EarthLink is:
Option 1 for Support.
Option 2 for Service.

The number for EarthLink Cable through Time Warner is:

The best number for DSL Service is:

You can also request help via email at:

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Earthlink has moved all existing customers and all new customers, who have Covad provisioned DSL lines, to Covad's network. This means that you no longer go through Earthlink's redback servers. You go through Covad's servers and your login information is proxied from there.

Some users may have had the 1.5/384 service via Covad before. This was a contract that Covad had with Mindspring before Earthlink and Mindspring merged together. For those of you who had this service, you will still have it.

New customers will only get the 1.5/128 service as advertised on the Earthlink web site (or up to 3.0/384 service if you are under 10,000 feet from the CO). Everything else stays the same as far as your Earthlink service is concerned, but your routing goes through Covad now. In general, this has shown to be much faster as far as latency is concerned for the users.

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You agreed to abide by the terms of the contract when you established service. One of those terms is to pay the $150 early cancellation should you not fulfill the term commitments.

An official Earthlink rep who has posted here at DSLR describes it best here: "Your phone company needs to do various things to your line before you are able to receive a DSL signal into your home. These various things do come with a price, and we (EarthLink) are financially penalized if you do not keep your DSL circuit active for 12 months."

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Yes, according to the Earthlink website, for $5.95 per month you can keep up to two email addresses. There is also a prepaid option where you pay $49.80 for the year to keep the two email addresses.
See: »www.earthlink.net/software/stayc···miummail

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Correct. Your phone line (and it's number) is in their customer database as "in use" so it will show up as not available since it is already provisioned and running on your phone line. That result is completely normal and it is nothing to worry about.

Discussed and explained here: »DSL Not Available Now?

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Very useful guide and learning resource.


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»Introduction to DSL and DSL Testing Techniques
Contains 6 PDF format Publications that are full of very technical and some basic DSL information.

»DSL Tutorial on MDF, CO Splitter, DSLAM, DLC, more
Contains more DSL Publications in PDF format including a few images as seen below.

Typical CO based DSLAM

Shelf/Tray with CO Splitters for the DSLAM end

ATM Network cloud illustration example

ATM Protocol Layers

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Yes, here are a few:

• Sonic Net DSL
• Lightning Bolt DSL
• Stephouse Networks
• DSL Extreme

There may be other smaller resellers in different regions. You'd have to investigate that for yourself.

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Use these FAQs to help:

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