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70 Networking and Sharing

First off, it is entirely possible to share your internet connection. Earthlink does nothing to prevent this.

Second, Earthlink's policy is that if you do this on your own, you're "on your own". They will not support your networked connection nor help you with a problem related to sharing the connection. If you have a connection problem, Earthlink will ask you to remove the router and connect your DSL modem directly using PPPoE software like WinPoET or Enternet. If for any reason you decided not to remove the router and your case had to be escalated, then it may prolong your resolution by refusing to remove the router.

Finally, do you want Earthlink's help and support with networked PCs?? If so, it will cost you... $7.95 per month... See their webpage here, »www.earthlink.net/highspeed/extr···working/, for more information.

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How To Setup the Linksys BEFW11S4 Wireless Router for EarthLink DSL?

Note: If you have a UHP Modem making your PPPoE Connection you must place it into Bridge Mode before you add the Linksys to your setup.

How to Change UHP Modem from PPPoE Mode to Bridged Mode

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Old Link = How To Setup the Linksys WRT54G Wireless-G Router for EarthLink DSL?

New Link = How To Setup the Linksys WRT54G Wireless-G Router for EarthLink DSL?

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Connecting your Computer and High Speed Modem to a Linksys Wireless Router

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First, make sure that you don't have any PPPoE installed on the computer!!!

Then, with the modem connected directly to the computer, configure the Modem for Router mode. See here to configure the UHP modem.

After verifying your Internet connection is working, disconnect the modem from the computer (the network cable only) and connect the 704P to the computer.

Make sure you have DHCP enabled on your computer. If you're unsure how to do this, Earthlink already has public web site guides on how to setup DHCP for the following OS's.

How to Configure Windows 9x or Me for DHCP -
How to Configure Windows NT 4 for DHCP -
How to Configure Windows 2000 for DHCP -
How to Configure Windows XP for DHCP -
How to Configure EarthLink 5 for DHCP (Home Networking) -
How to Configure a Macintosh OS 8.6 - 9.22 for DHCP -
How to Configure a Macintosh OS X 10.0 - 10.2 Network Panel for DHCP

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On Win95/98/98SE & ME systems, click the Start button, then Run and type in 'winipcfg'. Hit Enter.

When the IP Configuration box appears, select the NIC that you use to connect to the internet, click release... wait till the IP Address box shows, then click renew.

You'll need to reboot and after you do, go back to winipcfg and verify that the IP Address box shows an address in the range of 192.168.0.xxx and a subnet mask of

On NT, 2000, & XP systems (you'll need Admin rights to do this), type Start, then Run, and type 'cmd', and hit Enter. At the cmd prompt, type 'ipconfig /release' and hit Enter. When the prompt returns, type 'ipconfig /renew' and hit Enter. On NT and possibly 2000 systems, a reboot is probably required. On XP, it may or may not be. Continue below but if it doesn't work properly, reboot the system.

You should then be able to open your browser and type in » to reach the 704P's log-in screen. The factory default password is "admin" without the quotation marks. You should be at the Device Information page after you successfully log in.

Click the Setup link at the bottom of the page, verify your LAN IP Address is and if the WAN Type says anything other than Dynamic IP Address, click the change button and select the Radio Button next to Dynamic IP Address. Remember to click save on the Change WAN Type page.

Click the reboot button and allow the 704P to reboot. At this point you'll want to connect the modem to the 704P so the router can obtain an IP address from the modem.

After the 704P reboots, you should be able to open a browser, type into the address bar and reach the modem's main page.

Verify that the modem is ready and Happy Surfing!!!

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UHP DSL Modem: Allowing More than One Computer to Connect

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How Does Home Networking Work with the Newer UHP ADSL Modems?

Web Archive version:

Wayback Machine link

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