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1.0 Forum Information

About the BBR Earthlink Cable FAQ.

This FAQ is to provide accurate information relating to Earthlink Cable Service - If you wish to contribute to the FAQ, Place your FAQ here, the entry is greatly appreciated and will be reviewed by one of the FAQ Editors:

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Who Runs the Earthlink Cable Forum?

The Earthlink Cable Forum is hosted by Broadbandreports.com and is not affiliated with Earthlink Inc. Have any Questions/Suggestions for the forum? Feel free to contact the Earthlink Cable Forum Host/Moderator:

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Official BBR Earthlink Technicians Technical Support.

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Keeping the Earthlink Cable Forum 'Cool'.

The Broadbandreports.com Earthlink Cable Forum is a customer-based resource for Earthlink Cable Service. This forum is built based on subscribers seeking assistance for their Earthlink Service along with users taking the time out to lend-a-hand to a individual in need, and generally alternating ideas between one another.

This forum has become user friendly and it would bring it's integrity down if one or two users were generally disrupting "Our" friendly environment - So Let's keep this forum a "Cool" Place for All.

Have a Question about the Earthlink Cable Forum? Contact the Forum Host: Flippant See Profile.
Any Questions about BBR in general? Visit the /faq/site & the /forum/sitehelp Forum.


2.0 General Questions

What should my modem signal levels be?

Receive/Downstream: -15dbmV to +15dbmV
Transmit/Upstream: 30dbmV to 55dbmV
Signal to Noise Ratio(SNR): 30dB or Greater

Note: If your power levels are out of range, it can cause packet loss, re-transmissions which will eventually lead to speed loss..Otherwise Signals have nothing to do with your speed.

What is the difference between a two-way and a one-way cable modem system?

The terms one-way and two-way are used to describe how your computer relays data to the Internet when you are using a cable modem. In a two-way system, your computer uses the cable modem for both sending (uploading) and receiving (downloading) data, allowing for high speeds in both directions. This eliminates the need for a traditional analog modem and phone line when using the Internet. You may still need an analog modem and phone line for other things, such as sending faxes.

In a one-way system, your computer uses the cable modem for receiving (downloading) data, but still requires an analog modem and phone line for sending (uploading) data. The use of an analog modem in a one-way system means that you cannot upload data as fast as you can in a two-way system. Even so, a one-way cable modem system gives you nearly all of the speed benefits of a two-way system. When you browse the Web, you usually upload a URL request or a mouse click. What you get in return is all of the text, graphics, and sound from the page you want to visit. That Web page data will all come back to you through the high speed cable network.

The availability of a two-way system is dependent on the type of coaxial network Charter Communications has deployed in your area. Traditional cable networks are designed to deliver television signals in one direction only and are made up entirely of coaxial cable. Modern cable networks use a hybrid of fiber optic and coaxial cabling (HFC) to provide two-way capabilities. Approximately 85% of all cable networks in the United States are one-way.


Will multiple users impact the speed of EarthLink High Speed Internet?

Bandwidth is shared from the neighborhood HFC node to your home, so it is possible for performance to vary depending on how many customers are actively using the system at any given time. It is worth noting, however, that this is also true for the Internet as a whole. The Internet is, in essence, one extremely large, shared network.

Are there any monthly bandwith consumption limits?

No! At this time there are no monthly caps for bandwith. Some users have reported receiving letters from their cable company warning them to throttle back on the downloading. If you receive a letter, please contact just_robert See Profile by instant message as per this thread.

There are however newsgroup caps of 5 GB per rolling 30 days as indicated here.

Will I get the same speeds from Earthlink as my cable carrier?

You should not notice any difference in service quality between EarthLink and your local cable company as EL provides the service over the same equipment as the cable company.

3.0 EarthLink/Time Warner

What are the advertised speeds for EarthLink/Time Warner?

Earthlink Cable Powered by RoadRunner/Time Warner is available at speeds up to 8.0Mbps downstream. Check here, Earthlink High Speed Cable , for specific details for your address.

Benefits and Features of EarthLink/TWC

EarthLink High Speed Internet for cable modem access includes:
    •An unlimited, always-on, high speed Internet connection•Downstream speed of up to 3Mbps
    •Upstream speed of up to 384Kbps
    •Unlimited dial-up accessso you can access your email and the Web when
    you're away from home
    •Eight email accounts
    •10MB personal webspace per email box
    •Free ZoneAlarm personal firewall software learn more (Zone Alarm and
    ZoneAlarm Pro are currently unavailable for Macintosh.)
    •Toll-free tech support from our friendly experts24 hours a day, 7 days a

Earthlink Cable Available?

Earthlink Cable is available where ever Road Runner/Time Warner is available - Check Availability here.

What to do when ordering Earthlink Cable in a TW area....

If you order Earthlink Cable by calling your local TW office, this probably doesn't apply. You'll also not be eligible for any promotions that Earthlink is offering.

If you order Earthlink Cable by either calling Earthlink or by using their website, after completing the order, CALL YOUR LOCAL TIME WARNER office to schedule your installation. Ask for the installation or service department and tell them you've ordered internet service and would like to schedule the install. Many people have reported waiting two weeks with no callbacks from TW. People who have called have been treated courteously and quickly. So, what's the harm in calling ?

Does EarthLink provide any packages with phone or other services bundled

Earthlink only provides the interface for your Internet experience. However with Time Warner Cable the Earthlink service will package into there All The Best, Surf N Talk, or Surf N View packages. The normal rates apply.

4.0 Earthlink Pwd. by Comcast

What are the advertised speeds?

Earthlink subscribers inherit the Comcast speeds which are typically 6000/384.

This may vary based on your location.

What about my Comcast email?

After you initiate the switch from Comcast to EarthLink, your Comcast email will be nuked and all messages will be deleted and access shut off to the account.

Where is EL/Comcast available?

Check out this EarthLink page for up to date availability status.

What's the ordering process like?

To order EarthLink Cable over Comcast lines, call 1-866-570-8333 and they will initiate the switch. The first step is to speak with the EL rep and check availability. They will then set you up with your first email address and then transfer you to Comcast so they can make the switch on their end. Comcast takes about 10-15 minutes to do their part and they will either call you back or you can stay on hold for the next step. They will send you to the online provisioning page to reprovision you with EarthLink as your ISP. Your domain will then switch from Comcast to EarthLink.

After you have switched, you can proceed to setup more email accounts from the EarthLink accounts page.

5.0 EarthLink pwd. by BrightHouse

Currently Advertised Speeds.

Earthlink powered by Brighthouse/RoadRunner speeds are currently advertised as 3000 kbit/s downstream and 384 kbit/s upstream.

6.0 Setup Installation and Configuration

7.0 Troubleshooting

EarthLink's Full System Status Report

EarthLink Network offers you a number of ways to get the latest system status updates. First, you can look at this page. Second, you can call (626) 296-2400 and select the Technical Support option.

EarthLink Support Pages

Not able to access sites on EarthLink/TimeWarner?

If you are unable to access certain sites using EarthLink/TimeWarner Cable connection: (E.G. www.roadrunner.com, www.rr.com, and www.ny1.com)

Contact your Local Cable office. You can forward your email address or Cable number to EarthLink to locate this for you.

* Note: Always keep track of anyone you speak with on Support or Service issues.

If your local Cable office is unable to assist you on this issue, then contact EarthLink with the name of the personal you spoke with.

You can contact EarthLink through www.dslreports.com at this point to report this issue. They will need your EarthLink email address and the name of the personal you have spoke with on this issue (EarthLink or TimeWarner).

Who Do I Contact for Technical Issues?

Contact your local Cable Carrier(ie. Time Warner, Brighthouse or Comcast) - They control the connection/speed flow of your line, not Earthlink.

8.0 Networking and Sharing

Can I network my EarthLink Cable connection?

Yes, but EarthLink will not provide technical support for networked computers. EarthLink will only provide technical support for the EarthLink High Speed Internet line and the primary PC on which it was installed.

See Homenetworking Terms and Conditions

Also visit:
Broadbandreports Networking Forum

Networking With Earthlink Cable.

Access your Broadband Router Configuration Page, Make sure the router is set to 'Obtain an IP Address Automatically', Set Router MTU to 1500, And leave Host and Domain Name blank - Save Settings after you're complete.

Also Reboot your cable modem for atleast 30 seconds.

Make sure both PCs NICs are set to Obtain an IP Automatically also.

You should be surfing in no time...

9.0 Hardware

Minimum system requirements for EarthLink

The following are the minimum system requirements for EarthLink High Speed Cable:

Windows Users:
*166 MHz Pentium/AMD processor
*Windows 98/Me/2000/XP
*32MB RAM (64MB RAM Windows 2000/XP)
*110MB free disk space (120MB free disk space for Windows 2000/XP)
*Available Ethernet or USB port, or an available PCI or ISA slot
*CD-ROM drive

Macintosh Users:
75 MHz PowerPC
*Mac OS 8.6-9.2.1 or Mac OS X 10.0.1-10.1.2
*32MB RAM (128MB RAM for OSX)
*80MB free disk space
*Available Ethernet or USB port
*CD-ROM drive

For the best surfing experience, I would recommend that you use at least a 300MHz processor.


Can I use my existing cable modem equipment?

Yes, Any DOCSIS Cable Modem Should work with Earthlink Cable; Just be sure to contact your Cable Carrier with your HFC Cable Modem MAC Address which can be found in the back, side, or bottom of your modem.

What about Cable Amplifiers?

Signal boosters(Amplifiers) usually cause more noise on the line which will result in disconnects. Also it will kill the upstream signal (out of spec). Amps on a cable modem are never a good idea.

Bottom Line: Avoid any "booster" or "Amplifier" devices on your Cable Modem Line.

How to check my Modem Signal Levels?

3Com Sharkfin

Note: If prompted for User Name and Password:

User = User
Password = Password

This should grant you access.

Motorola Surfboard Cable Modem

Models: 3100, 4100, 4200, 4220, & 5100 -- »

Ambit Cable Modem
IMPORTANT NOTE: When accessing the html interface (internals) you may be challenged for a "User name" and "Password". If so, enter userid root and password root. Not all these diagnostic screens will be present on all models.

Toshiba PCX2200 Cable Modem

To access the built in diag... set your IP statically to, set your subnet to and set your gateway to then throw » into your browser and viola!

-- Note: This Cable Modem only has 1 Internal Page

Toshiba PCX2500 Cable Modem
» -- Note: This Cable Modem only has 1 Internal Page

Toshiba PCX2600 Cable Modem
Please visit this FAQ here.

10.0 Software/Security

What type of browser is used for EarthLink High Speed Internet?

EarthLink provides a browser and email client in the EarthLink High Speed Internet software. EarthLink High Speed Internet will work with most browsers, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator or Communicator. You can use any browser you want.


Do I need an Anti-Virus program?

Yes! Even such a simple virus is dangerous because it will quickly use all available memory and bring the system to a halt.

Can I get a free anti-virus program?

Yes. There are several effective anti-virus programs on the internet.

Recommended free anti-virus programs:
AVG 6.0 - GriSoft

Do I need a firewall?

Yes! You are susceptible to attacks whenever you are connected. Fast connections make attacks on your system very efficient. An attacker can try many different attacks in a short amount of time. The always on nature of high speed Internet access with technologies like DSL or Cable modems make you a very convenient target.

What is a firewall?

A system designed to prevent unauthorized to or from a private network. Firewalls can be implemented in both hardware and software, or a combination of both. Firewalls are frequently used to prevent unauthorized Internet users from accessing private networks connected to the Internet, especially intranets


I am using a broadband router. Do I still need firewall software?

A firewall is still recommended, even if you use a broadband router. Most broadband routers provide a form of firewall protection from unwanted incoming traffic through the very mechanism it uses to share the internet connection. However, most do not contain a "traditional" firewall and do not block any outgoing traffic. This still makes you vulnerable to trojan or malicious "phone home" programs.

Can I get a free firewall?

Yes. There are several effective firewalls on the internet.

Recommended free firewalls:
Tiny Personal Firewall
Kerio Personal Firewall