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2 First steps: Identifiying a 5260/5660

The Efficient 5260 modems that can be upgraded are as follows:

Look on the label on the bottom of your modem. It should read:

SpeedStream 5260 Ethernet ADSL Modem
Part Number: 060-5660-00x (where x=any number)
Revision: any (all revisions seem to work)

If your part number reads anything else, your modem is most likely not upgradable.

For those curious, 5660 models 003 and earlier do NOT support G.Lite ADSL, only DMT. If you are buying a 5260 or 5660 model secondhand, and your DSL ISP uses G.Lite DSL, it would be a good idea to check with the person selling you the DSL modem.

UPDATE: As of 5660 Firmware v2.3.0(2) and later all 5660 including 5260/5660 hybrids support G.Lite ADSL. It pays to use the latest Firmware.

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last modified: 2005-10-04 09:49:34

A Speedstream bridge, models 5262 or 5263, uses totally different hardware from the old 5260s which were just remarked 5660s. These models cannot be upgraded using this trick.

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last modified: 2002-04-24 15:35:40