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1. Description and background

DC Support exists to support, empower and further improve the DC community and the individual DC teams on this site in whatever way we can. We strive to do this objectively while considering the impact on all teams, relying on input from team members, and focusing on open communication. We are coordinators and advocates, rather than a governing body. The talented and knowledgeable members of the community are the brain trust for the DC community, not DC Support. We do not make final decisions that would remarkably impact individual teams. These are rightly the province of the teams. The DC teams will always be in control of their own destiny and will decide their own direction, subject to the approval of site management. DC Support collaborates ideas that impact the DC Community as a whole. We also explore new ideas to promote, grow and enhance individual teams and the community. We will not implement any ideas that impact our fellow members without their approval.

We also serve as a focal point and liaison for any requests to site management in support of the DC community. This includes requests for new projects, new teams, new forums, front page articles, new spinners, or anything else which needs site approval. These should be forwarded to DC Support.

When issues arise which may create needless conflict for or between teams, they should be brought to the attention of DC Support. Sometimes disagreements are best ironed out in a smaller group and then brought back to the membership for review, reworking as needed. In such cases, we hope to serve as coordinators to resolve problems and promote good ideas with a minimum of conflict between teams and team members.

As members of DC Support, we exist to serve our teams, our teammates, and the DC Community as a whole.

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last modified: 2006-02-23 19:24:09

We have really always existed, as long as there has been more than one Distributed Computing team here on BBR. The creation of DC Support, formerly the DC Exec forum simply provided us with an extra tool, which also allowed for each team's leaders to see how the other teams function and provide some extra insight which may have been lacking behind the closed doors of the mod forums.

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last modified: 2006-02-23 19:24:59

The original DC Exec was initially formed by Kinguni in September of 2001.

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last modified: 2006-02-23 19:25:36