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The method of including an image in your FAQ entry has changed, and is much simpler to use now.

When editing (or authoring) a FAQ entry, you will find an area at the bottom of the window to upload images:

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Once you have browsed to the image on your machine and hit "upload", you will see this:

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Hitting the "next" button takes you to the next page, where you will see your uploaded image:

Right below the uploaded image you see a reference number, in this case "attachment=1102246". Simply place "att=1102246" within brackets ... [ ] ... wherever you want the image to appear in your entry, like this:


Also note that there are useful links included during the process which allow you to show attachments that have been uploaded, and to show the upload screen when it isn't readily available.

Be advised that images larger than 600px will be automatically re-sized, and will look like this:

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last modified: 2006-12-21 07:56:50