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2. Basic File Sharing Information

Simple answer: None

All P2P apps work on the same basic principle: USERS make various files available for others to download. If someone doesn't, you won't find it. Some P2P apps may be heavy on MP3s where another is better for movies. Your chances of finding the file you're after is completely dependent on someone else out there sharing it. There's no secret repository of every single possible file in existance out there that one particular P2P app has access to.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • In my opinion emule and bittorrent.

    2009-04-26 05:13:39 (jmak See Profile)

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There are a great abundance of Gnutella P2P programs for Linux. Popular clients include LimeWire, Gtk-Gnutella, Napshare, and Qtella. A quick search on FreshMeat will find them all.

There are several IRC clients for Linux. Among the best are X-Chat and BitchX. See the IRC FAQ for more information regarding downloading files from IRC networks

Some time ago there was a KaZaA text-based client for Linux. This project (maintained by the people at KaZaA has been killed). If you're using a *nix, you're probably beyond using KaZaA anyway.

There is an official eDonkey client for Linux, see eDonkey's Website for details and installation instructions.

Several other clients for eDonkey on *nix exist, but none that I've tried work as well as the official one.

Direct Connect:
Direct Connect on Linux sucks. This client and this client are the two best I've used.

Pan is by far the best I've used.

Note: Problems with compiling / installing *nix software should be taken to the Unix Forum

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There is no such thing as a 'fastest' File-Sharing application. All things equal, your effective speed is dependent on the peer(s) you are connected to. For example, userB's download from userA is the same or lower than userA's upload speed. Most apps allow for bandwidth-throttling, where you can set the upper limits for your upstream and downstream speeds, which is helpful on a shared network with a limited Internet connection speed, which seems to be about everything but fiber and OOL these days :) and some also offer a multi-point downloading ability, which also means you could be used as a multi-point upload; in either case the idea is to get an equal percentage or more of the data from however many points there are.

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Editor's note: Some of these sites might have popups. Be sure your popup blocker is on.

Why does Spyware suck, you ask? It sucks because its a monitoring system that monitors your habits online like which songs you download that sort of thing. Spyware can also lead to bad viruses. To remove 99% of Spyware go here or here.

*remember* Top 5 in no order so the 5th doesn't mean the worst and the 1st doesnt mean the best. This top 5 is from my point of view because I visit this site often and see these a lot.

1. The best by far has to be WinMX, WinMX is a totally spyware-free app. It's great for downloading multiple files at one time. You can also run it on P2P and OpenNap Servers. Homepage

2. The second has to be Edonkey, Edonkey comes with spyware but its optional. Caring for your Edonkey
3. A lot of people like Direct Connect. It is Spyware free and AD free. Here is the Site. DC PlusPlus: »dcplusplus.sourceforge.net/

4. Zero spyware: »shareaza.sourceforge.net

5. Fourth has to be Songspy. It contains Spyware but can easily be removed with Ad-aware.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • I came across FileReflex which is a P2P Application

    2011-06-03 06:29:06

  • Bittorrent and emule -- the rest on the list is dead occh nearly dead.

    2009-04-26 05:17:29 (jmak See Profile)

  • might want to update the list of top 5 p2p apps without spyware.. WinMX is no more, has been for some time per http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WPNP#Official_closing .. the link to www.winmx.com is dead too.. I've been messing with Vuze which used to be Azureus, http://azureus.sourceforge.net/ seems OK.. It does need Java to run, and so far neither NAV 2009 and SpyBot complained about it.. One thing to be aware, there are options checked to install their browser toolbar and set Ask.com as the default search - those can be unchecked tho..

    2008-10-12 10:15:20 (beerbum See Profile)

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*INTERNAL* - it is only meant for release within the group because it doesn't follow certain release standards.
*LIMITED* - shown in fewer than 500 theaters.
*STV* - straight to video.
*DUPE* - duplicate; already been ripped.
*BAD FPS* - does not follow the scene standard ~24fps.
*SE* - special edition dvd.
*RERIP* - same movie ripped again.
*INTERLACED* - Picture will appear wavy to the trained eye.
*BAD IVTC* - IVTC (inverse telecine) is the process of converting a 30fps movie into 24fps to save space; the picture will appear jerky to the trained eye.
*PROPER* - a previous release of this movie was poor and this one is supposedly better.
*REPACK* - repacked, similar to a PROPER.
*NUKE* - there are two different types of nuking:
    •the first is site specific. a site will nuke a release if it does not comply with their rules.

    • the other is a global nuke (meaning most every site nukes it) when a release is a DUPE or has something wrong with it.

*DC* - director's cut

- taken from here, edited for clarity.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • Thank you very much !

    2014-01-28 09:06:07

  • Your faq doesn't explain what *NUKE* means. If *NUKE* means destroyed then why should it ever be seen? ie. the torrent should have been removed from the site. Is *NUKE* a recommendations for site admins not to download the file? Is *NUKE* added to a torrent title by the uploader or somebody else? The same question goes for the other *xxx* labels.

    2009-01-03 23:21:30

  • Great help, thanks for clarifying!

    2008-03-28 10:52:49

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Great tutorial here: ».BIN & .CUE simple tutorial.

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».BIN & .CUE simple tutorial.

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