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3. Palm How To ...

Warm resetting a Palm will bypass any hacks and updates and is similar to "safe mode" in Windows. This will also allow you to get out of a "reset loop". To warm reset hold down the up button (in the bottom center of the Palm) while using the reset pin to reset the device. Warm resetting often allows you to delete specific applications that may be causing you problems.

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This question applies to any application that comes installed in the ROM of a device.

ROM stands for Read Only Memory. Basically if something is there, its not going anywhere.

RAM stands for Random Access Memory. This is the type of memory that applications and data are installed to, and deleted from.

To further blur the issue, there are now applications that are stored in ROM, but when the device powers up only after a hard reset they are copied to RAM. So you "can" kind of delete them.

A good way to see if an application can be deleted is if they show up in the "Delete Applications" list (from Applications Launcher, select Menu then Delete). If they're not there, then you can't remove them.

But remember because they are located in ROM, and not RAM, they also do not take up any of your RAM where all your data and applications are stored.

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Applications that require that Java for Palm be installed on the Palm handheld see here for MIDP for Palm OS

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To change the username on a Palm unit, you can do one of two things.

You can perform a Hard Reset on the device. The next time you HotSync it, it will ask for a username, allowing you to set the username to whatever you'd like. Doing this will result in all of your data and applications being removed, and you'll need to re-install them. If you do want to keep all the applications and data, and just change usernames, you can run an application called ChangeName

If you change the username on a device it will mean that any shareware applications that are keyed to your username will no longer work. If you're actually switching to a new username for yourself, you'll may have to contact all the software developers and ask for a registration key for the use the HotSync name. The new username will be installed on your desktop software, but the old one will also still be there. You'll need to manually remove the old one from the desktop.

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Keep the OS (Operating System) up to date for your handheld is the best way to make sure you are abreast of the latest patches to address issues as well as security. palmOne has patches available here for most models.

Note that you cannot change the OS to a primary version other than the one your handheld was shipped with. For example if your handheld has OS version 3.2 you can upgrade to version 3.5 but cannot upgrade to versions 4.x.

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By using the Title field in the AddressBook, one can create sub-categories within the existing categories of Palm. What you've you created is a parent-child relationship between the primary category and a 'sub-category'. Say you have a category named "Suppliers" where you enter all contacts that are Builders etc. You can then sort the Builders so you can easily see the list of Builders that perform Roofing services. Simply place the Company Name - Acme Services in the Company field; Name in the Name fields and 'Roofing' in the Title field. Then when you need to select or call a roofer, simply use find and 'Roofing' and obtain a list of all contractors who you have entered that do roofing. Additional notes can be included in the Note section of the AddressBook entry for Acme. It works well and avoids needing to recall the Builders name directly

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In order to surf the web with a handheld you need to have a device capable of using either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth or have a phone device.
Wi-Fi will allow you to surf the web when an access point is available. Many coffee shops, universities, and corporations have 802.11b networks that you can use. Some of these are free, but most require a subscription and charge a fee.
Bluetooth is a network technology that allows your PDA to communicate wirelessly to your Bluetooth enabled cell phone, computer, or other PDAs. With a BT enabled phone and a data plan from your cell phone provider, you can surf the web anywhere you have a cell phone signal.

Phone devices eliminate the need to carry both a cell phone and a PDA. While convenient, they generally do not have as much storage as a regular PDA.

Current Palm OS devices that have Bluetooth built in:
Palm Tungsten T
Palm Tungsten T2
Palm Tungsten T3
Sony Clie PEG-UX50

Current Palm OS devices that have WiFi built in:
Palm Tungsten C
Sony Clie PEG-UX50
Sony Clie PEG-TH55
Sony Clie PEG-TJ37

Phone Palm OS devices:
Palm Tungsten W
Palmone Treo 600
Palmone Treo 270
Palmone Treo 300
Kyocera 7135

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