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3.3 Reviews

High Power For Power Users - 13 Power Supplies In The Spotlight
At Tom's Hardware

Ten PC power supplies in the 400 to 500+ watt range
At amdmb.com

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The review can be found here.

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c0deZer0 reviews the Microsoft Internet Keyboard Here

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Review by user Sholnay found here:

Update: 3-22-04

After using this combo non stop for a few months I am now even more pleased with my purchase. I have since played some first person shooters to test out how well the mouse performs, and it is truly exceptional. If you were worried about gaming and using this mouse, have no fear. Also, for my keyboard worries, if you notice any lag, you will probably forget about it after a few weeks of use.

The one new negative thing I have found about this keyboard is that while my mouse works almost anywhere in my room from almost any direction, my keyboard has sub par distance performance. After JUST completing a test, I found that the keyboard would somewhat respond from about 5 feet away, and would only perfectly respond from about 3 feet away, and that is with the keyboard level with the reciever in open line of sight. It only gets worse as you turn away from the reciever, or move to the side of the reciever. This is the one thing that has been disapointing about the duo. I would expect the keyboard to perform just as well as the mouse in terms of distance. If distance is one of your priorities, then this is probably not for you. I myself never use it past my desk, other than in my lap while at the desk, in which it performs quite well.

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There are some good observations made by signmeuptoo in this thread:
»What Heatsin/Fan For 939 socket 3500+?

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