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4.6 Sound Cards

Creative Soundblaster
Voyetra Turtlebeach
ESS Sound Drivers
Cirrus Logic

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last modified: 2002-08-18 10:01:00

Basic Troubleshooting.

    •Check the volume is turned up. To do this, click once on the speaker icon in the system tray and the volume slider will appear and can be adjusted.
    •Check that the sound has not been muted.
    •If the sound is only coming out of one headphone / speaker, check the balance set up. To do this, double-click on the speaker icon to show the system mixer. Check the balance slider is in the center.
    •If you still have no sound, check the speakers / headphones are plugged in to the correct socket in the soundcard.
    •Make sure that both the CD and Wave controls on the system mixer are not muted.
    Look also at the Preferred Device box. Is the box blank or the device name grayed out?
    •If all these fail to solve the problem it will be necessary to check the sound device settings and see that these are correct. This is achieved through Device Manager.
    Make sure you have the lastest Drivers installed.

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